[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Kraffe tone, famous for the ‘Battleground’, is being implemented in the metabus content implementation. The content is a policy that builds a ‘web 3.0’ ecosystem that can be newly fun and valued and grown with the community.

According to the game industry on the 21st, the Krafton (Representative Kim Chang) is officially operating the ‘NFT Metabus Room’ since November last year. Since 2018, there are only 50 people in the Krafton internal workforce and NFT industry, which have been studying NFT, and only about 50 initial members, and talent with various game development experiences, including battle ground, are working on building metabus. Scale is also active.

The NFT metaverse chamber is a fabricated NFT meta bus mount. Park Hyung Chul, which joined Crafton, March last year, has been leading Krafton NFT Meta Bus Room since November last year through Boston Consulting Group Consultants and Craft Tone Strategy Team.

The Craft Tone is based on the development capabilities and operating experience of the battle ground in the regular in-house communication program ‘Craft Tone Live Talk’, which has been formulated on the Web 3.0 and NFT businesses based on the development capabilities and operating experience. It is aimed at supporting the interaction between new worlds and users, and the game that creates pleasure, and at the same time that the creators can lead to the creation of new content in the scalable ecosystem.

Metallic Foil on Luxurious Black Business Cards!

To this end, Krah Tone is promoting the Open Metabus project with Naver Jet and User Generated Contents, UGC (USER Generated Contents, UGC). Based on abundant understanding and experience, technology capabilities, which develops a number of online games, and technology capabilities, it is a policy on implementing the metabus. It is also planning to create a sandbox that is a content creation tool and secure differentiation with existing services.

We also try to build a web 3.0 ecosystem, such as disclosing a virtual human demo image that applies deep and hyper realism technology. The Krafton’s Virtual Human is a company-side explanation that boasts a visual that is similar to the real human being and the real human being implemented from the pupil to the skin’s fluffy and calm, as well as the colorful facial smoke based on motion capture.

Craftone is used for a variety of virtual human games character, e-sports, Virtual Influer, and singer, and in addition to hyper realism technology, artificial intelligence (AI), voice synthesis (TTS, STT), Voice to FACE ) It is planning to develop into a character that can continue to research and develop and communicate with each other.

It is also on the NFT area. Craftone invests stake in Seoul Oil Blue and X-By Blue, and is also on the first collaboration with these partners through Blue Hallsteau, Independent Studios. Kraffe toned game IP has been used to collaborate for NFT avatar production and sales that can be applied to the Methabus world in the future. Blue Hallstore is an independent studio of Craftton, to develop a large-scale MMORPG server operating skills and next-generation graphics technology, and will develop the avatars and personal spaces.

In addition, we will conclude a business agreement for the design and marketing of a block chain, a block chain, an alternative to the design and marketing,.

Craff Tone said, “We are actively developing partners to organize web 3.0 ecosystems together, and they are actively developing collaboration with companies and various communities, which have high technology.”