The development around GTA 6 seems to be out of the coast by the insider Chris’ Klipel from the rock star. If we believe his allegations, GTA 6 has already reached an important milestone and progresses in the development even faster.

With his latest Tweet, the leader ensures a sensation again. This time he scatters claims to the graphic of the game in the rumor kitchen, which will probably tear us all from the stool.

GTA 6 graphics sets new milestones

On Twitter Clipel describes what he has heard about the graphic of the new Rockstar project. So the appearance of the game or the engine used “to be far ahead” and many of the feedback on the graphics are “very positive”:

Obviously, the new version of the graphic engine from Rockstar Games (RAGE 9) used for GTA 6 will be quite incredible. I was able to receive some very positive feedback, we should really not be disappointed in this regard. We are talking about an engine that is far ahead of their time.

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The loses mainly on the newly used Rage Engine 9, the in-house game engine of Rockstar. Rage is in this case for Rockstar Advanced Game Engine and the new version should lift GTA 6 into new graphics hemispheres. With the help of older versions of the engine, Rockstar has already produced games such as GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Can the voices? Rockstar Mag ‘has already had some real hits, which leads Leaks to GTA. For example, the magazine was correct with the contents and release of the GTA online update “The Cayo Perico Heist”.

Besides, it is not even so unlikely that Rockstar sets new standards. Already with GTA 5, the responsible developer studio could convince us with his graphic, which forced the hardware of the PS3 and Xbox 360 into their knees due to their brilliance.

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Existence of GTA 6 confirmed

So far, Rockstar keeps more than covered with information about GTA 6. We merely know that the game exists and is in development. However, it is not clear when the title will appear and with what a setting we can count on.

According to rumors, the game should not appear before 2023, which probably makes a release only for Xbox Series X / S and PS5. GTA 6 is therefore intended to play partly in South America, but most of the time we will probably spend in Vice City. As a protagonist we have a sibling pair available.

GTA Fans Are PISSED At Rockstar Games Latest Announcement!
If you have missed any rumors around GTA 6, you do not have to despair. In an all-encompassing engine overview, we have summarized the most important information from the rumor kitchen and betray you, for how likely we keep you.

With what groundbreaking effects do you expect if you think about a graphics engine, which is far ahead of your time?