No need to spend a lot of money for fun, proof we offer you a selection of games within 2 euros 50 available on Nintendo Switch.

Alchemist’s Castle

Alchemist’s Castle is a horizontal scroll 2D platform set developed by Kabuk Game. Strongly, inspired by Metroidvania games, you play an alchemist transformed into a selfish tyrant following his discovery of the Philosophale st1. You have to go through all your castle to destroy it and thus find your shape before. You will also need to avoid various traps and enemies, and find improvements for your character, each improvement adding an additional gameplay layer. If these improvements may seem optional, they actually unlock new areas, etc.

Astro Rangers

Astro Ranger is a shooting game developed by Gametry LLC at the same time rhythmic and carried by an omnipresent action. You need to “simply” survive and overcome your enemies, all as quickly as possible to win the victory. There are several weapons to complement the various missions that are offered to players. Each part is even different. The same goes for the purposes of levels that differ according to the strategies adopted by the survivors.


Dissection is a horror game developed by Random Spin. You have mysteriously found in an abandoned house and you have to do everything to get out unscathed. Indeed, something err in this house and seems to pick you up. Hide in the cupboards and find the different keys to go out as soon as possible, while avoiding falling on “the living corpse”. The graphics are simplistic but effective. Dissection should make eye to players lacking strong sensations.


Knight’s Retreat

Knight’s Retreat is a new interpretation in a medieval checkout of chess by minimal games. You use chess parts through rearranged levels depending on the environment. You must place your troops wisely to win the game. More than 80 levels are available and propose increasing difficulty. The music is particularly composed especially to help you focus and relax. The game trays are unique and can destabilize traditional chess players seeking atypical gaming experience. It is easy to adapt to this new gameplay.


RetroVamp is a colorful 2D platform set developed by Davide Jensen. His gameplay is based and inspired by the so-called “hardcore” games. As a result each death makes you return to the beginning. The vertical card is filled with obstacles to make your task more difficult. Your only goal, get to the top. In addition to jumping, you can slide as much on the platforms as on the walls. Each level is a new challenge that you have to overcome with as the only boards of the rare checkpoints. With its bright colors and Ludo-Hardcore vision, Retrovovamp pushes you to be determined, coordinating and patient.

Spooky Chase

Spooky Chase is a 2D platform game developed by burning goat studio. You end up in a castle haunted by ghosts and monsters, a castle that you absolutely need to flee. However, the most powerful monster is you. Each movement you make to the flag are recorded and reproduced by the monsters. The more flags you collect, the many more the enemies. It quickly becomes impossible to resume the same paths. Each new part is revealed to be a real and more difficult challenge.


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