[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Smile Gate Future Lab (Futures) announced on May 22, the Indie Game Creative Competition “2022 Indigo”.

2022 Indigo is an analogy for the establishment of an initial indie game created with the potential, and to establish community through the donation and lecture between Indie Games. Anyone who develops an indie game that is not yet released on the platform without registering the operator yet.

This competition is sponsored by Indie Developers Bepex, Cornfield, Rabbit Hall Games and Fercher Raps. Team, game introduction, and prototypes are comprehensively reviewed, and we will focus on the novelty, completeness, and fun of the game. The total prize money is 120,000 won, and all selected teams are scheduled to provide 14 units of the youngest creative support program that will proceed from Fercher Raps (SGM) 14th interviews.

INDIGOCAST #7 | Dark City & The Matrix Franchise w/​ @GmanLives (FULL SPOILERS)

This year, the competition is to focus on the donation relay of the SGM to complete the SGM. After the first competition last year, the SGM’s commitment team, Bepex, Cornfield, and Rabbit Hall Games, and sponsored a portion of the prize for the initial creator, empathy of the Smile Gate Indie Game Competition, which is supporting new creators in the SGM Games. On June 3, the “Meet Up”, which can meet fellow creators, regardless of whether they are awarded and shared each other’s thoughts and experiences on the creation of Indie games.

Through the competition of the competition through the competition, Hwang Sung-jin, who sponsored Indie Games Creators, said, “I want to contribute to the creators pushing, leading to each other,” he said.

“I ask for a lot of interest and participation in Indie Games Creators,” This year, “said Park Min-jung, said,” I would like to ask for a lot of interest and participation in Indie Gaming Creators, I will not spell investment and support so that it could be the basis of the ground. “