If you want to become a correspondent in bitlife, you will first need to find a vacancy marked Jr. Reporter and apply for it. However, before you can apply, you must first enter the college and get a degree in English. After that, you can become a reporter in bitlif finding and applying for a reporter to the vacancy.

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Nevertheless, start by creating a character with a decent appearance, mind and health – you can improve the characteristics of your character by throwing or creating a completely new character.

As soon as your character is created, continue to grow up until you graduate from high school. At this stage, you will need to either apply to college and choose a scholarship option, or apply for a student loan.

how to become FAMOUS reporter in bitlife!

Any method is good, just do not forget to find a work on a part -time job to pay for a student loan route if you choose it. In addition, do not forget to choose English as the main subject, and as soon as you do it, grow old for several years until you finish the college.

When you finish college, find on the vacancy tab the one that says the “Junior Reporter”. You may have to update the tab, growing up once, or get out of the game, closing the application. In the end, having completed any of these actions, you must find the work of the reporter.

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