My.Games company, the publisher MMORPG LOST ARK on the territory of the Russian Federation, told about future updates of the game.

The plan was designed and prepared together with the copyright holder, the Korean company Smilegate. So far, there is little specific information, but the publisher promises to share all the current information on time, and also to warn players in advance if plans for some reason are changed.

How Korea Shaped the MMO Industry
* In May, players will wait for the new continent of Rovnov. It will be available for those seekers whose equipment level is 1445 or higher.

  • In June, a new class will be added – an artist. In addition, the Event-Express event will again be launched, which will allow you to quickly develop a character.
  • July will bring with him a new battlefield 48 to 48, as well as a summer event.