Nintendo Switch Sports transfers classic sports experience to the latest Nintendo console. It comes complete with several sports to play in the comfort of your living room. But some sports did not leave Wii Sports and WII Sports Resort. Here are all sports that are absent in the Nintendo Switch Sports.

All Wii Sports games are absent in Nintendo Switch Sports

The initial version of WII Sports was launched with many games, and although many of them return to Nintendo Switch Sports, the couple remained overboard. We have listed these sports below, but it is important to note that the golf will appear on the Nintendo Switch Sports after launch.

baseball *
Golf (will be later) *

All games Wii Sports Resort are absent in Nintendo Switch Sports

Wii Sports Resort was a continuation of Wii Sports and added many new sports. It was based on the island of the ear and offers many thematic sports. But much was cut out of Nintendo Switch Sports or adapted for other sports. Here is a list of missing sports Wii Sports Resort in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Air sports *
basketball *

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canoe *
cruising power *
Table tennis
Wakeboarding *

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