Nintendo Switch Sports offers a choice of six different sports, including Chambar. Starting the match in Chambar, you can choose one of the three types of sword. This can make you ask you what type of sword is the best in Chambara.

We recommend sword as the best type of sword in a chambar at Nintendo Switch Sports. It is simple, but reliable and will work the same. Charge Sword and Twin Swords have additional functions, but we believe that they are not enough to match excellent simplicity sword.

all types of swords for Chambara are estimated

1. Sword

The sword is a standard accessible sword and has no additional functions. Despite the fact that he is basic, he has the strongest blow of all three types. This means that you will have constant discarding at every wave. Although he has no unusual abilities, he is reliable.

2. Double swords

Twin Swords has a trick that they are two weapons. This means that you can block and wave your hands with both hands. But you can block and wave only one sword at a time. Over time, you have a scale that allows you to perform a powerful rotational attack with additional discard.

3. Charging sword

Switch Sports Chambara | 3 Sword Choices Gameplay | Win & Loss
The main feature of the Charge Sword is that it can absorb blows, blocking them for charging. After full charging, you can perform a charged blow with additional discard. But it depends on the successful blocking and the hit of your charged blow to the target.

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