As you can expect from the family -friendly sports game, Nintendo Switch Sports gives players the opportunity to improve their experience on a rather technical level. There are many options for adapting, but more technical aspects of the game can feel somewhat trapped. If users make a mistake when setup, it may seem difficult to change your profile so that it is reflected exactly. Fortunately, it is possible to change the user settings at any time by accessing some options in the game.

How to change the user settings in Nintendo Switch Sports

After setting up a user, these settings can be accessed The gear symbol in the sports selection menu . If you select it, you will get to the option menu and the user settings can change as desired. These are all settings that can be changed:

dominant hand/leg * – changes the dominant hand for every sport. Includes a selection for the dominant leg, which is to be used for shoot-out game mode.
Profile Settings -Allows you to check the progress and to pause for every sport. You have to unlock the professional league for a sport before you can adjust it.
Other – Allows you to change the camera settings and the mini card for football/football. Also contains an option to deactivate the stamp display, which prevents all stamps from being displayed – including the user.
Delete user -Deletes all Nintendo Switch Sports data for the user.

These settings are very self -explanatory. Everyone enables a more precise gameplay during the various sports that are available to the players. The option menu also offers instructions for playing certain games and an alternative color mode to help color -blind players. Other options can be found during the character adjustment, including the possibility of changing the user’s name in the game. With all these options, all types of casual players Nintendo Switch Sports will perceive a pleasant experience!

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