Chambara is an intensive competition in swords in Nintendo Switch Sports. In it you compete to knock each other from the ring into the water. We have collected some tips that will help you at Chambara Nintendo Switch Sports.

Choose the right weapon

The choice of the right type of sword is the first step towards mastering the chambar. We recommend Sword, because it is consistent and reliable, but you must try all three before adhering to 1. You must also study different weapons when you encounter them.

The charging sword receives a powerful attack when blocking successive strikes. Twin Swords have two weapons that you need to follow, and the user can move left and right to get around your protection. The sword has no cunning, but he delivers the most reliable blow.

Play the Defense

In the chambar you can’t just wave your hands. We recommend playing more defensive and wait for the opening. If you block the enemy’s blow, he stunes, and you are counterattack. Use an injection, a charged attack or a rotational attack, depending on your weapon. They give the best rebound and will win the game faster. Usually the game boils down to the one who has better protection.

Do not rush

When swinging, do not just wempt with your hands, as this can lead to incorrect input. We had several transitions from a vertical blow to the horizontal, from which we were stunned. Instead, be very careful with your blows. When you strike, make sure you build your attacks in parallel so that you can go through the enemy’s defense.

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If you feel that your actions or blows seem unpleasant to you, restart the gyroscope on Joy-Con. Just close the Joy-Con on the TV and click the X button to calibrate it again. This guarantees that your input data is correct and that the game will not confuse you.

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