_ Nintendo Switch Sports _ It has already officially launched the market, sufficient reason for the most nostalgic fans of the era _ wii _ are happy with the return of a most dear franchise. However, there are some obstacles and details that must be made known, specifically for users with a _nintendo switch lite _ in your possession.

Top 20 Nintendo Switch Co-op / Local Multiplayer Games - 2021 Edition

It was confirmed that in order to try the local multiplayer, the console is in DOCK mode, something mandatory so that people are not so glued from each other at the time of playing. Of course, the lonely mode can be played in laptop, but the definitive experience of this franchise has always focused on sharing the time with family and friends.

For owners of a _ Nintendo Switch Lite _ can present a problem, basically being discarded to be able to play with more people in the same system. The local mode can be tested, although not with the controls that have already been adapted, being necessary to buy a couple of Joy-with to enjoy all sports.

Since the Lite model went on sale _ Nintendo _ made clear some doubts, one of them is that not all launches can be played in this same one, one of the most obvious examples was _ Super Mario Party _ . Title that requires the screen outside the Dock to work with some mini -games, creative mechanics that was not used again in other games.

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Editor’s note : No doubt the owners of the console were not thought much, a ruling that could affect the great N, especially in specialized criticisms, which can be reflected in sales. At the moment the game has mixed comments, many not being in their favor.