Nintendo Switch Sports Review
It is not just two days in the market and Nintendo Switch Sports hSwitch Sports already been crowded by its first victim. The spiritual successor of the very successful Wii Sports wSwitch Sports being the protagonist of the 63man stream, specifically with the tennis minigame, when obviously without intention, the Joy with him flew in the direction of his television screen with catSwitch Sportstrophic result.

“If you do not send this clip to Live Stream Fails I am going to divorce this chat,” he said in the live, referring to a Reddit thread that collects this type of gags during the direct ones on Twitch. You can enjoy the moment in this same link.

Will you repeat the success of Wii Sports?

Nintendo Switch Sports arrives to try to emulate what wSwitch Sports achieved by Wii Sports, an almost unprecedented success when making usual people who are not useful of video games be interested in them. His great reception undoubtedly helped Wii exceed 100 million consoles sold, placing the seventh in history in that category. Specifically, Wii Sports would sell 80 million copies, standing Switch Sports the best -selling game in Nintendo’s history.

Wii Sports also became a popular game because of these multiple accidents, which became so numerous that the Japanese company wSwitch Sports forced, two years after the launch of the game, to launch a strap to fix the wiimote to the doll of the doll of the User, and thus avoid these problems. In fact, both that and now Nintendo Switch Sports reflect caution messages, urging the player to be careful with his surroundings in the game sessions.

Nintendo Switch Sports is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.