Air wings are an important relic in Rogue Legacy 2. This relic gives you the opportunity to jump twice forever. Nevertheless, getting ether wings in Rogue Legacy 2 may be a little difficult if you do not get in your own hands Echo’s boots the first. Echo-bots give your rotation a small impulse and allow you to interact with resonating objects. So, assuming that you have collected echo-saps, this is how you can get air wings in Rogue Legacy 2.

where to get air wings in Rogue Legacy 2


To get this family relic, you will have to get into Kergelen Plateau . Having reached this place, continue to move to the right until you come across a rock rising above the reservoir. The surface of this reservoir acts as a resonating object, so you can interact with it by putting on echo-segments. Nevertheless, go through this pond and continue to move to the right, and ultimately you will achieve insight. As soon as you get to this place, you will get ether wings.

Now that you have Aether Wings, you can constantly use a double jump mechanics, which will allow you to access areas that were previously unavailable.

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