[Source: Nexon]

\ –Nintendo E-shop domestic and overseas game price information comparison app launch

\ -Expectory functions by game evaluation, search function, genre, etc.

** \ -Olmage’s own popularity, profile, storage box, etc.

The Enmedia Platform announced today that it has opened the Nintendo Switch game price comparison service ‘All Magge’.

‘All -Magge’ is an application that can compare game price information in domestic and overseas Nintendo e -shoes. It can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Nintendo E -Shop, the price of the world’s games, the discounts by country, the game with the highest discount rate, and the highest discount rate, as well as the national support language, Nintendo overseas e -shop use method and not only to purchase game purchases such as Provide the required practical information in detail.

In addition, the company introduced its own popularity ranking, which comprehensively analyzes the scores of the Nintendo Switch Game Evaluation, All -Magge, and the score of game evaluation agencies.

Nintendo Switch Sports, Portrait: Dorfromantik | GAME TWO #246
In addition to this, the company has enhanced the convenience of search functions and genres so that various games can be easily found, and additional service functions such as user profile and interesting game storage box are added.

Kim Eun -ha, general manager of Enmedia Platform, said, “All -Magge will be a particularly useful service for users who have experienced Nintendo switch game purchasing in overseas shops.” ”