Rogue Legacy 2 is a Roguelike-metro-meter-in, in which the action is stored in the family circle. At every death, you play for the heir to your previous character when he performs quests. One of these quests is the Matters in Red quest. This can make you ask how to perform Red Matters in Rogue Legacy 2.

Guide Rogue Legacy 2 Matters in Red Insight Quest

Matters in red/ or how to take 15% bonus damage vs estuary Namaah. Rogue Legacy 2

To perform the Matters in Red Insight quest, you will need either the possibility of a double jump or there is another way to get additional air, for example, class skill of a ranger . Without them, you cannot get to the platform and perform the Matters in Red quest.

How to get a double jump in Rogue Legacy 2

You will have to move through the Kergelen plateau until you reach distant shores . It is generated randomly, so you may have to study it a little before finding it. However, you will understand that you are in the right place when you see a nameless knight.

Use Lights peek out of the water K Blow with rotation Your path through the lake. In the end, you will get to the statue of the family relic. Talk to him to start the test, and as soon as you complete it, you will unlock the ability of a double jump.

Where to find a quest on the Kergelen plateau?

You can find Matters in Red Insight Quest on the Kergelen plateau as soon as you enter it. Start with the platform marked with the icon number one on the image above. You will need to make a double jump or use the ability to get to the platform, is marked like two .

From here you need to jump up and right, using a double jump or in another way, to a platform marked three . Technically, this is behind the scenes, but you can press RB or R. It will interact with memory and participate in the Matters in Red Insight Quest Quest on the Kergellen plateau.

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