Civ 6 Consoles: Latest Issues + Switch Fixes!
Although the Nintendo Switch version of civilization Vi allows you to create an inheritance when traveling, it is not without problems.

Based on a Eurogamer report, several game owners highlight a serious game crash problem after a recent update, which occurs at the worst possible moment – when they are about to win a crucial victory. Apparently, they see the crash just after marking a winning tour on their opponent.

The developers of 2K claim to be already aware of the problem but that they offer a rather creative, even too aggressive solution: to declare war.

“A known bypass solution consists in declaring war on civilization at the origin of the crash just before the end of your round”, the 2K support team suggested in a Reddit response. “This seems to lighten the crash in most the case. To find out which civilization is the cause of the crash, you must pay attention to the passage of Civ on which it falls just before the crash. Once discovered, recharge the backup., Declare the War to this Civ and strike Next Turn. “

CiVILization VI also recently published on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, it is not obvious that these versions present the crash problems, at least none have been reported to date.