Even in real life, we don’t always manage to keep our homes in perfect order, but many of us enjoy cleaning up our games. Maybe it’s an obvious bonus, or it’s much easier to clean in a virtual world. Some game creators have even managed to build entire plots around the action, making mopping feel important. So if you want to get ready for actual cleaning or feel productive while procrastinating, any of the games below are perfect for you.

Lawn Mowing Simulator

Also known as a retiree simulator (a joke), the game fits nicely into the weird but surprisingly enjoyable category of games. The entire gameplay of Lawn Mowing Simulator boils down to mowing the lawn in different areas and buying various upgrades between missions.
Like in PowerWash Simulator, you can disappear for hours, perfecting your ability to mow your lawn in even rows. If you want variety, you can try making crop circles.

No Place Like Home

Scavenging may not seem like a critical task, but in No Place Like Home, the world’s fate depends on it. In Early Access, this farming sim will be played in WALL-E style shortly, and humans have already flown to Mars, turning the planet into a giant junkyard.
Our mission is to remove all trash from the planet and work to make it habitable again, or at least less disgusting. We have to collect garbage with our tech vacuums and process it into resources that can be used to build post-apocalyptic farms.

Wilmot’s Warehouse

Wilmot’s Warehouse is perfect if you’re looking for a fun yet as simple as a possible decluttering game. You have to manage a vast dark warehouse as a minor square character. New supplies are coming in constantly, and customers are sorting through existing inventory, so you need to ensure all the boxes in your Warehouse are sorted.
You can choose the sorting method that is most convenient for you but keep in mind that in Wilmot’s Warehouse, there is only a tiny portion of the play area on the screen, so you have to switch between the different sectors constantly. By the way, you can play Wilmot’s Warehouse in co-op!


Many of us would be more motivated to clean our homes if cleaning and tidying were as easy as playing Tetris. The developers developed the concept at Humble Games in their Unpacking, an isometric puzzle game where we need to carefully lay out everything in a box in a new house.
Each of these objects reveals a bit of the character of its owner, and together they tell a unique story made up of various elements of the environment.


Have you ever dreamed of being a robot vacuum cleaner for a day or two, rolling quietly on the floor, constantly hitting the legs of tables and sofas? Thanks to Rumu Games, you now have this opportunity, but this title is more than just a vacuum cleaner simulator.
The protagonist named Rumu finds himself in a futuristic world with no one for some reason but an AI forcing the protagonist to clean the room. With a new day, there are more and more questions, and at some point, the robot vacuum cleaner Rumu reveals a terrible secret that could have severe consequences for him.

Housing Matters
Finally, a game for fans of Housing Matters! In it, you can independently shoot episodes of well-known shows without being annoying in the picture. Every location in House Flipper has to deal with various issues, including dirt, dust, mold, and even insects. Repair dilapidated houses, remove all rubbish, repair rooms, and create neat and beautiful dwellings.
The game has tons of interior design options, so you can let your imagination run wild. House Flipper’s customization covers almost every detail – you can even change the location of the branch here! Time to see your talents as a decorator.

Viscera Cleanup Detail

It’s hard to find a more comprehensive cleaning simulator than Viscera Cleanup Detail. Imagine yourself playing as the gatekeeper in the Stranger Things universe, who must clean up the Hawkins City lab after Demogorgon escapes to get an overview of her gameplay.
The levels in the game are different labs, and the experiments in them didn’t go as planned. We need to wipe the blood off all surfaces and burn off body parts scattered everywhere. It’s not as shady as it seems – the guts cleanup details stick to a cartoony style and use a fun physics engine, which makes the missions fun, especially in multiplayer.

Serial Cleaner

This is another imagining of daily life. Only the protagonist of the serial Cleaner cleans up the crime scene in real time. That’s right, and we have to play professional cleaners working for the mafia. This means we have to clear all evidence from the crime scene before the police arrive.
Move the corpse, wash away the blood, and do everything you can not get caught. Serial Cleaner is made in a unique 2D style, somewhat reminiscent of the corporate style of many modern companies and exciting contrast to the bloody quest.

Beginner’s Guide
The Beginner’s Guide invites us to organize things in the room and our lives. It’s not exactly a cleaning simulator, but this list cannot be separated from it. The Stanley Parable creator’s title is a unique story on themes of creativity, depression, and friendship, highly recommended for all creative people.
Commentator Davy Rieden takes us through several short, unfinished games created by a friend who has given up on his career as a developer. One of them, by the way, is an endless cleaning simulator in which we help a faceless NPC clean the house. We recommend stocking up on handkerchiefs if you decide to read through the Beginner’s Guide anyway, as this is a very moving game.

PowerWash Simulator

Thanks to PowerWash Simulator’s simple but effective cleaning mechanism, the title quickly went viral on the internet. It’s inspired by famous sidewalk and pool cleaning videos. This can be repeated in PowerWash Simulator, where we are proud owners of our own cleaning company.
Sign contracts to clean homes and the most unusual locations, and spend the proceeds improving your tools. PowerWash Simulator may seem silly at first glance, but its light-hearted gameplay will please any gamer.