Nintendo has again published current Switch sales figures – and they are impressive. The company has to post a decline in sales for the first time, but the handheld console seems to compete slowly but surely.

Nintendo Switch was sold almost 108 million times

Nintendo Switch Pro LEAKS...Again????

The switch has been around for 5 years and is technically far behind the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | s, but Nintendo’s handheld console continues to sell surprisingly well. How good, the current numbers that the company presents on its official website reveal this.

All Switch models have now been sold 107.65 million times . In the last fiscal year alone, a little more than 23 million went over the counter – and that, although many fans have long been longing for a real Switch Pro (source: Nintendo).

If the Switch continues this sales trend in 2022, it will even overtake Sony PlayStation 4 during the year. The last-gene console has so far sold 116.97 million times -Nintendo is putting the competition properly.

The PS4 has not yet been officially on the siding, but since the start of the PS5, the sales figures on the load gene console have gone into the basement. Sony has also rapidly shut down the production of the elderly model, which leads to absurd high prices on the market.

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Switch crisis: Not only PS5 and Xbox Series X are affected

Although the Nintendo Switch slowly but surely become one of the most popular consoles in the world, there seem to be problems. Because not only Sony and Microsoft’s Next-Gen-Konsolen makes the semiconductor shortage to create, Nintendo has already seen that the switch production is impaired .

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Switch deficiency: Nintendo expects severe consequences

Gregor Elsholz

The company currently does not seem to be able to produce as many handheld consoles as originally planned **. In addition, the Switch’s production price is expected to increase. In other words, Nintendo earns less money per console sold.

It remains to be seen whether these additional costs will be passed on to customers in the future. At the moment, however, no price increase seems to be in discussion – especially since you only lowered the RRP in the autumn of last year. We will keep you up to date.