There is one most noticeable thing about this Play Expo. It is the location of the indie entertainment room where indie games are gathered. It’s in the center of the exhibition hall, not the corner, the outside of the exhibition hall, the exit, or the back of the stage.

Play Expo is definitely a comprehensive game show. It is clear that it is meaningful to distribute indie games at the venue at the large comprehensive game show.

All the booths in the indie game room have the same appearance, but they are decorated with developers’ dreams, efforts and sweat. It’s not just a word, it’s real. The posters, banners, and goods that indie developers have sweats hard and have made each booth are unique. Of course, it also contains the hearts of developers who are excited to face visitors offline.

How Making Indie Games Changed My Life

It’s been a long time since I saw a variety of indie games at the venue, and I felt good when I saw the people who played the game. Even though it is not an indie game event, it is more and more evaluated.

At the 2022 Play Expo, you can see different and individual indie games, from mobile, PC, release, unpaid start, puzzles, action, rhythm, shooting, and other things. In particular, as the offline event was canceled last year, you can play this year of games you haven’t met.

Why don’t you come to Daehwa Station by subway this weekend? You can enjoy a variety of indie games, deliver feedback, and get the goods prepared by the developers.