Nintendo has a lot of franchises, but some of them have not seen a new game in quite some time. Such is the case of F-Zero, the Nintendo futuristic racing franchise. While the elements of the series continue to appear in the Nintendo Switch games as Mario Kart 8 of luxury and Super Smash Bros Ultimate There has not been a new game since 2004 f-Zero Climax. That game was only launched in Japan, so fans in North America have been waiting even more. In a new interview with Gamesbeatse he asked the former president of Nintendo of America, Reggie File-Aime, about the franchise and if he has really been “abandoned.”

“Why was F-Zero abandoned? The idea I would share is that, at least during my term, Nintendo developers were always experiencing with different game styles, always thinking where a unique experience could be applied, either to an existing franchise or perhaps creating a new franchise. My bet is that somewhere in Kyoto’s development centers, some developer is playing with an idea that could be applied to F-Zero, ”Fils-Aime to Gamesbeat said. «It is never a situation, at least in my experience, in which the company makes a conscious decision not to continue supporting the Xyz franchise. Historically, it simply has not worked that way, not when I was there ».

Last year, former Nintendo Takaya Imamura designer told Ign something similar, stating that “without a great new idea, it is difficult to bring [F-Zero]« although this is obviously disappointing, Imamura and Fils- comments- Aime should give fans any hope that Nintendo has not completely abandoned the series. Nintendo may simply have not found the right way to sell F-Zero to a larger audience, and without some type of new idea, the company does not feel safe enough to visit the series again.

For now, F-Zero fans will only have to settle for the original SNES game, as well as with f-zero x, both currently available in Nintendo Switch online. This last game was added to the Nintendo 64 application of the expansion package in March.

Reggie Fils-Aime Is Kind Of Full Of ****

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