The remake of Nintendo Switch Link’s Awakening is finally there. And with it, some essential elements. Fairy bottles are what they sound: bottles that house a fairy. The fairies come together around the Great Fairy sources, and you can capture them in these bottles. When using, they restore your health to the maximum.

This game mechanic is a basic food in the Zelda Games. Install a distrust fairy stealthily, use the bottle and you now have your maximum health potion in the form of a sad and angry captive. Perfect!

To do this, you will first need fairy bottles. IGN was the first to report locations. There are three in the game, all blocked behind tasks or even a dreaded mini-game.

Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch) - All Fairy Bottle Locations

Locations of fairy bottles:

The first is in the village of Mabe. There is a small pond with a fisherman next to it. Speak with him and pay for the little supplement to start the mini-game. According to IGN, you must launch the line as far as possible to catch a bottle on the far left of the screen. It may take a little time, because you will have to slip it towards you and let the fish bite your line.

The second is after the fisherman’s tunnel. After a while in town, a ghost begins to follow you. He asks you to take him home, after which he will realize that he can no longer live in town. You will be responsible for taking him to his grave. It rewards you with a bottle once you have finished this mission.

The third and last bottle is Dampe. Talk about your adventures in Dampe to solve puzzles and additional quests and win several awards. When you finish the Health Storage puzzle, Dampe rewards you with the third fairy bottle.