One of the recurring requests from Valorant players is the introduction of a map selector. Many community members hate a specific scenario or do not want to learn the many elements that force us to memorize the wide range of environments available in the title and dream of introducing functionality that allows, at least, to block some from them. However, the developers have once again been against this possibility in the face of qualifying games.

Valorant will have a map selector but not in the ranked.
In the last Ask Valorant, the developer wanted to answer the community’s question about the possible map selector, and they have assured that they will implement it. However, its introduction is reserved for the future tournament mode coming to the game next year. Riot Games they have argued that, at least for now, they prefer to insist on the idea that we must learn to play all the scenarios available in the tactical shooter instead of systematically avoiding them.

As for why the tool will be available in future tournament modes, Riot Games says it offers more tactical opportunities in the complex strategic system of team matches. Remember that 5v5 modes provide more possibilities to create team compositions adapted to the scenario and coordinate with teammates. So the community will have to be willing to join their friends and compete in the mode when it launches to enjoy a system that will be somewhat similar to the map selector.

It’s always possible that Riot Games will change their minds in the future. However, we should not trust the proposal to turn around over the next few months. The developer has resisted this request since the very launch of Valorant despite being one of the most repeated by the community. Nothing indicates that it will change its behavior in the future.