After a highly competitive day of the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage game, PSG Talon came out with a very respectable 1-1 balance. However, the PC representative still has a long way to repeat the airy heights that he achieved at last year’s tournament.

The first game of the day saw a very strong start against the Vietnamese team Saigon Buffalo, who almost fell on the track when she approached half -time. However, the team was able to raise the ship before it sank and secured its first step towards the knockout phase. Unfortunately, PSG later hit a T1 team that had been seriously injured by G2 eSports and was swept aside by the invincible of the LCK.

After the mixed day of the results of PSG, The PC player 24 spoke to Botlaner Wong ‘Unified’ Chun Kit about the games, his return to the international stage after a disappointing World Cup 2021 campaign and his current thoughts about his 2V2 competition.

United it is very good to speak to them again! I just want to start learning your opinion about how the games went today – what you think went well and what you think you can do better tomorrow.

“I think today’s matchups have met our expectations because we have concentrated more to ensure that we win the game against Saigon Buffalo, but we still made so many mistakes in the middle of the game. Fortunately, we were able to get through with it, and the victory really helped us to build our self -confidence, but as a whole team we really have to make so many adjustments and improvements.

I will personally give myself a pass on a high note if I rate my own performance [in that game]. ”

I definitely find that you played very well today. It’s great to see you again at an international event after telling me about a disappointing end of the World Cup. Do you think that you and PSG have an additional obligation to redeem you here at MSI?

“Yes, I think I have to do it really well in this MSI. I am at an MSI for the first time and so many people watch, so this is a super good platform for me to prove myself to every1. But to show you a very good performance, I have to make more adjustments and do my best in every single matchup. ”

If I think of the other Bot Lanes, who are left at the tournament, I would like to hear their thoughts on who in their opinion has had good performances and who in their opinion did not quite exhaust his potential.

“I think the bot Lane, who did really well, is that of RNG, and they exert an enormous pressure on us [when we play]. I think the Bot Lane from T1 did not develop very well [Today] because they were often caught and their KDA is not so good – I have the feeling that they are not as dominant as they are normally in the LCK. You can be super, super strong, but you have not yet shown this level of performance on the MSI stage. Maybe they are nervous.

The bot Lane from G2 cut off much better against T1 and RNG than many thought. Was that surprising for you after what you saw – be it in Scrims or in any other way?

“I have no real comments on the performance of the G2 Bot Lane today. Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther shook too brightly on stage and put so many great plays, so it is difficult for me to comment on Lane because of him. ”

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Back to your team. This time PSG Lee ‘Juhan’ Ju-Han and Park ‘Bay’ Jun-Byeong brought the international stage. How did the team change compared to the previous year?

“Our new players are still rookies – they are quite young and have less experience. For this reason, they may sometimes be a bit nervous when they play on stage, in contrast to Huang ‘Maple’ Yi-Tang, and have a lower understanding of the meta. But it’s something you will improve. “

Last question: If we think of the future, patch 12.10 will increase the durability of the League champions. What do you think about the 12.10 and what does it mean for Botlaner?

“So I’m not too familiar with the patch, but I have the feeling that maybe some late-game-ad champions such as Aphelios and Jinx can appear on stage again, because survival is definitely the key to these champions.”

Further information on the first day of Rumble Stage can be found in our interview with Saigon Buffalo’s own Botlaner Nguyễn ‘Shogun’ Văn Huy.