V Rising’s Altar of Blood isn’t the only way to start boss fights, as some of them will need to go through a summoning step, including the infamous level 30 Putrid Rat that many players seem to be looking for. This guide explains how to catch the most challenging item in the summoning recipe.

The Quest for the Putrid Rat
The rotten rat boss is at the blood altar like the others, but it’s impossible to launch a blood hunt. To combat it, you will have to summon it in the vermin nest using various types of ingredients, including the famous twilight snapper, which, as we will see, will require a lot of effort.

Defeating this boss within your castle grounds will grant you access to Vampiric Rat form, perfect for sneaking around.

Twilight Snapper Fishing
It’s straightforward and very complicated at the same time: the Twilight Snapper can be caught in any area of ​​water in the forests of V Rising. However, the spawn rate of this fish is infamous.

It takes us 1 hour to find the fishing spots that randomly appear in the water to give you an idea. Note that the other types of fish will also come in handy, as you can feed them to the Devourer in your castle to make you fishbones, another component needed to summon the Rotten Rat.

About fishing
While waiting for the little guide dedicated to fishing, we will summarize it for you: locate the boss who will unlock the rod and the workbench to be able to manufacture everything you need. Once you have the rod, you’ll need to cover the ground and look at all the sources on the map for tiny bubbles on the surface. Once the hook is cast, wait for a big splash to left-click and collect your reward.