If you have also fallen in love with the vampire survival game V Rising, you know how important it is to investigate, such as killing all the bosses. Below you will find the list of armor levels available in the game(the last set acquired is necessarily the most powerful). This will allow you to unlock new armor as you upgrade your castle and workshops.

How do I get a new armor?
When you start V Rising, the first few quests teach you how to build workshops, like the Research Office, for example, or the Sawmill. Each of them has a specific purpose: refining materials into better components, crafting weapons, armor, or potions, learning new recipes, etc., for your team to explore increasingly dangerous areas.

For this, you will need:
Fight the different Bosses in the area where you are: use the Altar of Blood to spot them easily. This will have the effect of unlocking new powers but above all-new recipes, workshops, weapons, and armor sets. For example, defeating a particular boss will grant you the ability to build a loom in your castle.
Gather as many primary resources as you can and see what you can do in each workshop (turn wood into planks at the Sawmill, animal skin into leather, etc.)
It would help if you found books (by fighting enemies or fishing) to learn recipes for new weapons and armor directly through your Research Office. Remember to upgrade this workshop as soon as possible: Office then Athenaeum. See our research guide for more information.
Once you’ve learned the recipes, go to the Anvil or Metalworking Shop to craft weapons or the Tailor’s Bench to get armor.
Keep in mind that it is essential to unlocking the Loom to be able to transform cotton into wool thread and obtain any fabric for making.

Complete list of all armor
The more you advance in the castle’s heart, the more you explore new areas and bring new materials, and the more you can improve your equipment. Like most survival games, V Rising works on a level system.

Bone Guard Set
Level 0 – The beginning
You start nearly naked, but you can quickly craft a set of bone armor directly through your inventory’s Crafting Tab.

Bone Guard Chest
Boneguard Leggings
bone protection ring
Bone protection gloves
Bone Guard Boots
With the workbench, you can create other veneers with better stats.

Nightwalker Set
Level 1 – The adventure can begin.
Quickly, you will be able to build a workbench and unlock new weapons and armor of higher rank. However, this will require leather and thick thread.

Nightwalker Jacket
Nightwalker Leggings
Nightwalker Gloves
Nightwalker Boots
You can then upgrade it to ruthless with copper ingots.

Canine-hollow set
Level 2 – Make way for tailoring.
This time around, it will be necessary to defeat (among others) Quincey the Bandit King to unlock the Tailor’s Bank, Iron Ingots, and Hollow-Canine War Paraphernalia. It is thanks to this new workshop that you will be able to craft unique and more powerful armor:

Hollow Canine Breastplate
Hollow Canine Leggings
Hollow Canine Gloves
Hollow Canine Boots
Thanks to the book and recipes, you can upgrade it to a ruthless version.

Hawthorn set
Level 3 – The serious stuff begins.
You have traveled to new areas, and thanks to your recipes, you have learned new recipes. Don’t forget to defeat Boss Octavian, the Militia Captain, to unlock your next Hawthorn and Gold Bar paraphernalia :
Thorn Breastplate
Thorn Leggings
hawthorn gloves
hawthorn boots
In particular, you will need Chitin and Ghost Thread to craft this armor.

Shadowmoon Set
Level 3 – The Final Battle
With your hawthorn stuff, you’re ready to take on one last barrage of bosses and search for the previous remaining recipes to add to your Athenaeum. Once done, you will be able to unlock your hawthorn gear upgrade:
Shadowmoon Breastplate
Shadowmoon Leggings
Shadowmoon Gloves
Shadowmoon Boots
With your gold bars, you are ready to build the Eye of Twilight and go looking for the final bosses like Solarus.
Of course, don’t forget that these armor sets can be completed with jewels via the jewelry workshop and capes at the tailoring bench.

How to repair armor?
Your armor has durability: by dint of using it in combat, it will deteriorate and need to be repaired before it breaks completely. To do this, these are the steps to follow:
Open your inventory with Tab,
Mouse over the damaged armor piece,
Click your mouse wheel (the button in the middle you use to scroll through pages)
Keep in mind that the more the armor deteriorates, the more materials are needed to repair it. Therefore, it is recommended to repair them regularly without waiting too long or farming a lot to never run out of resources. Another technique is to upgrade your armor set without fixing it.