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Nier: Automata available on Switch in October

After outings on PS4, PC and Xbox One, it’s now the turn of the Nintendo Switch to welcome the Nier game: Automata.

The Nier game: Automata the End of Yorha Edition will be available from October 6 on the small Nintendo console.
The physical edition of the game will offer a cover with a work from the designation of a character Akihiko Yoshida.
The latter will be reversible and it is A2 made by conceptual artist Koda Kazuma.
In Nier: Automata the End of Yorha Edition you will find the game as well as the downloadable addition 3C3C119440927, which includes 3 Colisées and Additional Costumes.
Players will also be able to download free add 6C2P4A118680823.
So here is excellent news for players who have not had the chance to play to deny: Automata.

Live A Live: Demo version still enters the eShop today

The HD-2D remake of Live A Live (from EUR 49.99 when ordering) will certainly be released for the Nintendo Switch in the coming month. Nonetheless, we need to still take pleasure in the demo version of the SNES brand-new version today.

The JRPG classic from 1994 is still a leader for games like Octopath Tourist and also might have born in mind many followers of the category. Within today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcases, we have currently been stunned: The demonstration variation of Live A Live allows us immerse yourself at first of 3 various phases of the game-the royal China, twilight of the Edo Japan and the long run.

Live A Live: Demonstration lets you take control of memory data

Furthermore, the Japanese game maker released one of his Treehouse video clips in the afternoon, in which we are shown an overall of 40 minutes of gameplay. It can be seen with bush West as well as the near future, two more chapters, since in live a live we jump backward and forward in between various ages on the time beam of light, while the individual stories can slowly be linked.

Also to see: Live A live composer Yoko Shimomura, that celebrated her beginnings in the sector with the original variation of the title and later was accountable for the soundtracks of Kingdom Hearts, Road Boxer or Xenoblade Chronicles.

If you do not wish to spoil on your own on July 22nd before the launch of Live A Live, you much better not take a look at the trial, which we need to still obtain offered for download in the eShop today. However, if you can barely hold your horses, there is a very favorable information for all those who wish to rose the remake before publication: memory data that you create in the demo can be moved to the main game for the launch.

Last present video: Prehistoryy Trailer

F1 22 newbie standards – five ideas that you need to understand

A new period of Formula 1 is there and also F1 22 lets the gamers experience it themselves. With improved gameplay and a reduced setup system, players need to think about a lot of points when they go on the track-regardless of whether they are new to the racing video game collection or not. Against this history, we have actually placed with each other 5 important F1 22 entrance pointers with which you can drive a fastest lap in no time.

F1 22 is not the most convenient available racing game-but that doesn’t suggest that it needs to be difficult. With these F1 22 novice suggestions , we will certainly undergo some important points that you have to take notice of when you are just starting. This includes your auto setup, the helps you utilize as well as the race itself.

If you have troubles in this last curve to get the tire take care of or if you shed secs when you obtain through these harassment, read on and you must find some suggestions that will certainly help you prevent this in the future.

F1 22 ideas for beginners

If you have played F1 2021, you should be well suited to drive 22 races in F1-but that does not indicate that it is specifically the exact same video game. The new Formula 1 automobiles take care of differently and also you need to take this right into account prior to you go full steam. Without more wague, below you are five important entry-level tips for F1 22 :

  • Know the course| maintain your ideal line in the eye | Take note of visuals | Establish, established, established | Select your aids carefully

recognize the route

Paths such as the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and also the Yas Marina Circuit likewise have actually upgraded curve layouts. It is not constantly a huge change, yet if you are a person who hugs the wall, you ought to have an eye on where this wall surface develops.

We do not have a full listing yet, yet Codemasters has actually altered the tracks from F1 22 to make sure that they reflect their actual counterparts. This means that Albert Park Circuit in Australia will have brand-new curve layouts and also upgraded arches, something that you need to remember with every Grand Prix.

It goes without claiming, but it is very important to understand the course where you drive-and in F1 22 several of them have actually altered slightly.

watch on your racing

Rate is king in Solution 1, but that doesn’t just imply if you drive directly ahead. There are seconds to lose with every curve, even if you assume you have done it well. When it comes to getting in a curve as well as motivating them, the ideal line is therefore an important guide to make sure that you are much more or much less on the ideal track.

The ideal line assistant is activated by default for a particular reason-we do not suggest removing it. Why? Well, F1 22 has brand-new handling mechanics to show the stiffness of this year’s cars, as well as the proper positioning of your automobile is an important component to obtain the very best out of a curve.

Take notice of aesthetics

Making the finest of a curve in F1 22 by making use of the visual is a capability to learn, and it is very important that you do not compromise your lap time for something that looks like a quicker ideal line. When bending can lead to a bad rotary-or even worse, curbs provide much less tire hold than asphalt and also increasing curb. Because a lot of paths additionally have a handful of raised aesthetics, it is important to know which you can use for your benefit and which you have to stay clear of. Generally, this comes with technique, but it does not harmed to look at some shots aboard online.

In F1 2021, CUBS was a threat-especially in high-speed curves. They are even worse in this year’s F1 video game.

Establish, established, set up


From our experience, taking into consideration the angle of your rear wing in the Aerodynamics area is one of the most vital parts of the arrangement. It is easy to shed the rear of your vehicle when it speeds up from a curve and also to have adequate rear-off to prevent this on paths such as Monaco and Marina Bay Street Circuit is a fundamental part to obtain it unharmed endure.

Much like in 2014, the configuration of the car is one of the most important things you can do to prepare to take place the track. With even more depth than ever in the past, F1 22 makes this much more important for players who wish to drive competitive lap times from the beginning.

Carefully pick your helps

Against this history, we have put with each other 5 important F1 22 entryway pointers with which you can drive a fastest lap in no time.

We consequently recommend changing off the steering as well as brake assistants entirely. It is worth utilizing the grip control aide and the anti-blocking system, but it is constantly adequate to find the ideal line for on your own. We also suggest changing off the ERS control aide. The arrangement of this service boost, if you are just a portions of a second from the DRS range, make the difference-if you count on automatic, you do not constantly have this high-end.

Well, below are all F1 22 entrance suggestions that you ought to think about when you go on the track for the very first time. Of program there are lots of ways to play this auto racing game, and the adaptive AI of F1 22 will certainly aid to do justice to every player level. So it is necessary to have a good time and drive the fastest lap times.

It is nothing to be ashamed of reconciling the option of helps in the video game of F1 22, but it is important to make certain that you choose the best assists-and, if you wish to improve, making use of Avoid helps that you have left also a lot.

With these F1 22 newbie suggestions , we will go with some important points that you have to pay attention to when you are simply starting. Without further wague, here you are 5 important entry-level ideas for F1 22 :

Making the ideal of a curve in F1 22 by using the visual is a capacity to discover, and it is important that you do not compromise your lap time for something that looks like a faster ideal line.

Well, F1 22 has new managing technicians to reflect the tightness of this year’s autos, and also the appropriate positioning of your vehicle is an important component to get the best out of a curve.

I want to be comfortable with the switch version Monhan Rise: Sun Break! Explains how to realize it as low as possible

On June 30, 2022, the long-awaited Nintendo Switch/Steam Hunting Action Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break will be released.

The Monster Hunter Series is attractive to be able to play while saying with friends and lovers, but when you play online, are you connected to voice chat (VC) ?

In the previous work Monhan: World, you can use the voice chat function of PS4, and if it is a Steam version, you can easily use Discord on a PC to make VCs easily.

However, Nintendo Switch does not have a single voice chat function, so a separate PC or smartphone must be prepared. The problem here is the question of ** what to do between the game sound and the VC audio.

There are many ways to do VC, but in this article, we will introduce how to use Splitter and audio cable ** that can be relatively cheap and easy to do.

◆ When voice chat on a PC

When VC on a PC, you can build a VC environment simply by connecting the PC side and the Nintendo Switch with an audio cable and importing the Nintendo Switch audio to the PC side.

The audio cable is connected to the line input terminal on the PC side and the Nintendo Switch side to the headphone microphone terminal.

[Notes] When the sound of Sar comes in, do not connect anything other than Nintendo Switch to the monitor. In a multi-monitor environment, a PC and Nintendo Switch to the monitor may cause white noise.

◆ When voice chat with a smartphone

When VC with a smartphone, use a splitter in addition to the audio cable.

First, connect the splitter to the smartph1. Then, connect the earphone or headset with the audio cable to the splitter, and then connect the audio cable to the nintendo switch headphone microphone terminal.

If you are struggling with the VC environment, before the release of Monhan Rise: Sunbreak, prepare an environment where you and the people around you can easily play.


Umamusume recorded 5th in Google sales within 3 days of launch

Umamus Me Pretty Derby (hereinafter referred to as Umamus Me), which is developed by Cai Games and Kakao Games, ranked fifth in Google’s sales in three days. On the first day of launch, the company ranked No. 1 in sales of App Store, and it was swept through the ranks.


‘Umamusume’ is a sports development simulation game that fosters characters that have inherited the name and soul of the real race horse and competes to achieve the dreams of each character by winning the race. The game has been expected since its official launch of Korea, and there are good evaluations in the three-dimensional and unique characters, fostering scenarios, quality racing stage production, and completion of translation.

It is still popular in Japan. As of June this year, about 1 year and 4 months of launch in February last year, it has surpassed 15 million downloads and has not missed the No. 1 Google sales rankings. It is similar to the Apple App Store, which accounts for 56.8%of Japan’s smartphone share. Except for the first place as a competitive event, the first place is not missed.

In Korea, 1 million people have been recruited after pre-booking on April 26. Currently, Kakao Games is holding various events to commemorate the official launch of Umamusume.

Ride on the rail and put Pokemon! Pokemon Snap distributed to Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack subscriber

Nintendo has distributed Pokemonup at the online service Nintendo Switch Online + additional pack service Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online .

This is a camera action game released in 1999. As a Pokemon photographer, the player will take a picture of Pokemon while running on the rails on the rail, Pokemon Island where various Pokemon lives. Although it is not supported by the version delivered this time, it was also a hot topic that you could actually print photos by bringing a cassette to Lawson at that time. In 2021, the sequel NEW Pokemon Snap has been released.

More than 60 kinds of Pokemon have different gestures, such as poses and playing to the camera, and it is one of the attractions to discover various Pokemon. If you use Dogu given to Dr. Orchid, some Pokemon will respond different from usual, so you may have a great shutter opportunity.

Pokemon Snap is currently being distributed for Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online. The official website also lists capture articles at the time.

Steam summer sales: 10 RPG essential, clSteam discountsic and contemporary

Steam ** summer sales are already underway, and Steam discount usual, we are offering you a series of compilation items with some of the best offers we can find in the Valve digital store. Whether with a price limit or by genres-Steam discount terror or fighting-, our recommendations are always aimed at not squandering and playing on insurance, and today it is the role of the role. Therefore, we dive into you in the offers and we discover these ten great RPG, current or already with a few years behind them, which you can find with Steam discount.

Ten large RPG essential

CD PROJEKT Poles are present twice, and that is that the always essential The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -For a completely ridiculous price-that we doubt that many people are left to play it, we must add Cyberpunk 2077 . After the controversy after its launch, today it is a more than recommended video game.

Despite having other more popular MMORPG, we are hardly resistable to try Black Desert for 0.99 euros. But for the most traditional role, single player, we recommend Divinity: original without 2 , ELYSIUM DISC or the peculiar Kingdom Come: Deliverance . There is also the presence of the Japanese role, with Tales of Arise , Person 4 Golden or Dragon´s Dogma: Dark Arisen , this being a fantSteam discounttic moment to discover it, being its newly announced sequel.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 for € 29.99 (50% discount)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for € 5.99 (80% discount)
  • Divinity: Original without 2 for € 16.79 (60% discount)
  • Black Desert for € 0.99 (90% discount)
  • Tales of Arise for € 29.99 (50% discount)
  • Disco Elysium: The Final Cut for € 13.99 (65% discount)


  • Person 4 Golden for € 14.99 (25% discount)
  • Dragon´s Dogma: Dark Arisen for € 4.79 (84% discount)
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance for € 8.99 (70% discount)
  • Fallout: New VegSteam discount for € 2.99 (67% discount)

The cycle: Frontier in the test: competitors for getaway from Tarkov?

We did not meet any cheaters in the test, yet you read the corresponding reports from influenced players on Reddit. Nothing has changed in the standard gameplay considering that the beta (right here you read our sneak peek), The Cycle: Frontier is still a getaway shooter in the design of escape from Tarkov in area. According to Yager, every season is performed a clean in which the inventory of all players is completely cleared. This need to ensure that there is always something to do.


The PVPVE shooter The Cycle: Frontier has been readily available on Vapor as well as Epic since June 8, 2022, developed by Yager, the developers of Spec Ops: The Line. The beta of the video game was well obtained, even if it sometimes ran rough. And what did the pre-season of the game appear like? It was more of an open beta, the Aesthetic Shop has now been opened up, however the Season Pass was not yet offered. Some bugs as well as web server problems from the beta still existed, wherein we particularly discovered Lagspikes. If this pre-season existed to test the security of the game before the initial season begins, all of this looks as.

1 Page 1The Cycle: Frontier in the test page 1.
1. 1.1.1 to Fortuna III
2 1.2 Just how do I make it through the journey to Fortuna III?
2. Page 2The Cycle: Frontier in the test page 2.
1. 2.1 où est jeff?

2. 2.2 The future of The Cycle: Frontier
3 Page 3The Cycle: Frontier in the test page 3.
1. 3.1 Trug Steam Reviews
2. 3.2 is truly Pay 2 Win?
3. 3.3 The appeal of the video game
4. 3.4 fazit.
4. Page 4bildergalerie for The cycle: Tarkov in space? The shooter of Yager in the examination.

  1. Open.

As a prospector, obviously, you do not have the safest task, storms and beasts are still our smallest problem. Due to the fact that: As quickly as you get on Fortuna listed below, the regulation everybody uses. Various other miners attempt to shed our target with a great deal of weapon violence. As well as if you don’t provide products, you will not be paid.

In order to make our soldier, we need to go to the supposed Evac Details, which are significant red on the map. There we request the collection by spaceship that brings us to the station, which is referred to as the Possibility Terminal.

By the method: Our entry-level tips for The Cycle: Frontier will certainly help you begin the shooter perfectly! .

back to Fortuna III.

Exactly how do I endure the journey to Fortuna III?

To the gallery to the homepage.

The PVPVE shooter The Cycle: Frontier has actually been offered on Heavy steam and also Epic since June 8, 2022, created by Yager, the designers of Spec Ops: The Line. All of this looks as if this pre-season existed to check the stability of the game before the first season starts.

Following page next page next page.

Page 4bildergalerie for The Cycle: Tarkov precede? Yager’s shooter in the test.

Nothing has changed in the fundamental gameplay because the beta (here you review our sneak peek), The Cycle: Frontier is still a retreat shooter in the design of retreat from Tarkov in space. Page 4bildergalerie for The cycle: Tarkov in room? The vivid design of the game is misleading, because The Cycle: Frontier is pitiless.

Page 2 The Cycle: Frontier in the test page 2.

The vibrant style of the video game is deceptive, since The Cycle: Frontier is unflinching. All monsters cause massive damage, as opposed to our newbie tools. The maroders, the most effective aliens that we strike under normal problems, are especially strong.

To endure, we have to consider a whole lot and also very first see that The Cycle is not a shooter like any type of various other. We need to just shoot when it is truly essential, because shots can be become aware of a large range and also players who get on the target of others are guaranteed to be attracted.

Page 3 The Cycle: Frontier in the test page 3.

Page 1 The Cycle: Frontier in the test page 1.

Rogue Light 2D Action Johei no Tower Nintendo Switch version resumed. Changed rating from 3+ to 12+

Our active gaming media indie game brand PLAYISM resumed the distribution of the Nintendo Switch version on June 24. In the Nintendo Switch version, sales at Nintendo E Shop were temporarily suspended from June 22 to respond to the change of rating. The rating after the change is IARC 12+.

The Josen Tower is a rogue light 2D action game that challenges a tower that changes structure every 24 hours. The stage of this work is a forgotten tower that calls for valuable souls. The protagonist is the characters who came in front of the tower if they noticed. Makai Maid Shonen Cocoa, future cleaning robot kanae, sick dragon’s Shippo Dete, Iizuna Kunoichi Kikuri, self-proclaimed noble inu. Players select the operation character from five people and official MOD characters, and aim for the top of the tower.

Many enemy characters are waiting inside the mysterious tower. Enemies have troublesome characteristics, such as a charm with a fascinating effect, a sculpture that gives a jumping state, and a half oak swinging a disturbing iron ball. If the HP is exhausted after the damage, the character will fall, and the HP recovery is limited, so we want to defeat troublesome enemies as much as possible. However, there is no so-called normal attack in this work.

Instead, operating characters have skills as an attack means. As an example of using skills, cocoa floats a high-fire magic sword around, and Kikuri injects a pipe fox with a homing in all directions. Along with the cut-in, both will develop a powerful attack. However, the skills are generated for a certain period of time after use, so there is always an unprotected time. In this work, 2D actions with chewy 2D actions will be developed, such as thinking about the timing of wiping the enemy with skills, and surpassing the time without skills by two-stage jumps and moving. That’s why.


In this work, the structure of the tower that the player challenges changes every 24 hours. From midnight to 24:00, you can challenge the tower of the same structure as many times as you want. The structure of the tower is common to all players, so if you play on the same day as your friends and distributors, you can challenge the same tower. In addition, 12 characters are being distributed as an official MOD character at the time of writing. YouTuber Mochizuki Himari, who is familiar with the 18 Beautiful Girl Games, Marfusha, the main character of Malfusha of Seloled Tetsu, and characters with indie titles under development in Japan can be operated as an official MOD. The MOD function has been introduced in the PC (Steam) version, and it is possible to introduce the characters created by yourself.

This work started early access distribution at Steam in November 2020. The Steam version was officially released on June 2, and the Nintendo Switch version was also released on the same day. For software that can be played on Nintendo game consoles, ratings by CERO or IARC are required. In this work, IARC was screened, and at the start of the distribution, it was a 3+ rating. IARC’s 3+ is a division for 3 years or older, which is suitable for any age group. However, sales at Nintendo E Shop stopped on June 22. According to Playism, it was announced that it was temporary for response to the rating change.

After the resumption of distribution at Nintendo E Shop today, the rating has changed from the previous 3+ to 12+. Looking at the notation on the store, some elements seem to have been regarded as sexual holly. In addition, this work was developed by Mr. Sabashi’s domestic personal circle // Commentout. He is a solo-in-game developer who is also active as a free illustrator and lecturer.

The Josen Tower is 1180 yen including regular price tax, and is being distributed to PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch.

Unwell joke: Elden-ring players troll the vapor

Hard to believe, yet true: The hardcore role-playing game Elden Ring is identified on Steam as one of the finest video games for leisure.

Elden Ring comes to be a leisure game

Vapor is a capital for PC players! In the sea of big smash hit titles as well as tiny indie games, however, it is not so simple to maintain a summary. Consequently, Steam introduced the tags time ago. This function allows customers to designate different terms to the games so that interested gamers can much better evaluate a computer game unknown to him.

The custom tags for The Senior Scrolls V: Skyrim are, as an example, Open World, RPG, Adventure as well as Solitary gamer. There are also extra unique tags. These include female major personality or excellent soundtrack.

Now click on such a day or go into the search bar, Then you get all games from Heavy steam with a matching tag. And now we pertain to the real gag.

you can not trust the neighborhood tag

If you proactively look for to unwind , after that you enter enhancement to soothe games like The Sims 4 or Stardew Valley, also from-software Elden Ring:

It was specifically this reality that leads the players to the crisp RPG in rows with the day leisure. ** Certainly, someone shouldn’t really approach this wrong day, however that wasn’t the objective behind it.

Instead, such a procedure represents the regular Web wit **, as is exercised on pages such as 9gag or Reddit everyday. Whether this gag has actually succeeded or otherwise, everybody can determine on their own. The reality is strange.


The customized tags for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are, for instance, Open World, RPG, Adventure and also Solitary player.

Hard to believe, but true: The hardcore role-playing game Elden Ring is identified on Heavy steam as one of the finest games for leisure. For this factor, Vapor presented the tags some time earlier. ** This function allows individuals to appoint various terms to the video games so that interested players can better analyze a video game unidentified to him.

The soulslike is anything but relaxing as well as, many thanks to its high level of difficulty, is thought about a real obstacle that calls for a certain level of aggravation resistance. Or to place it another way: fanatic as well as broken controller are not unusual at Elden Ring.

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