Diablo Immortal is one of the most anticipated releases and is coming imminently. The famous Blizzard saga leaps iOS and Android mobile devices. Although we all have a phone, the truth is that since it was announced, many people wonder if it will come on consoles to enjoy this experience within a screen.

We still cannot confirm anything since Blizzard wants to keep it unknown. We know that the game will have controller support in its PC version, confirmed. But precisely, that fact has raised suspicions about its launch on home systems.

Rod Fergusson, the industry’s fixer and current director of the Diablo series, has been ambiguous, stating that he’s the never-say-never type, but we don’t have anything to announce or say. Today.

In a group interview, Fergusson responded to the presence above of controller support on PC, something familiar in the industry: I want to point out that controller support and console support are two very separate things. Later, he asserted that he had nothing more to say about it.

Game director Joe Grubb sheds some more light on the inclusion of this content that has generated debate among fans of the series: I think an essential part of the command support was that it was supposed to be included in the game. mobile version, so ultimately gave mobile and PC .

Beyond this, and this is my opinion, if they already have the tools, or a large part of them, for the game on console, what prevents a version for PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo from being released? It’s probably on the roadmap after trying its luck on PC, and we’ll have to wait, but it seems pretty clear from the sidelines.