We have just entered the month of June, which is usually the most important in the video game sector. This year, everything looks a little more decaffeinated due to the absence of E3, but we will have other events that will fill its void with announcements spread throughout the weeks. And whenever there are announcements or fairs, Rockstar and the possible presence of a bombshell come to mind. Well, we may not be off the mark.

It’s not like Rockstar to make their announcements at events like E3 or the Summer Game Fest that we’re having now. They are one of the few studies that are enough on their own to revolutionize the world with an announcement on any given afternoon and without prior notice. And there are more and more indications that the surprise may jump.

It has been from close to the company itself through Chris Klippel from Rockstar Mag, who specialized in events and leaks from the R firm, where they say that they are preparing an imminent announcement. Obviously, and as we always say when dealing with a rumor, keep in mind that it is not official, but we tend to focus on coherent talks with possibilities.

Rockstar Games is not expected at any of the summer events, where we have already been able to see the companies present. But the tweet published by Klippel has released the hare. We all have the possibility of finally seeing GTA 6, which we know has been in the kitchen for some time and that they have finally confirmed its development.

There are other options, and the most likely is the arrival of a version of Red Dead Redemption 2 for next-generation systems, with graphic and technical improvements, to make us relive the adventures of Arthur Morgan. There is also talk of Bully or a possible sequel; It would make more sense to adapt the first game, which was not as popular as the others in the house.

We added the latest financial report from Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, which indicated that they had a forecast of launching quite a few remakes and remasters before 2025. This makes everything more apparent, and they probably won’t take long to move on. It’s time to wait, but with many possibilities.