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Tomas Sala’s air fight video game will certainly prolong its series of support platforms this summertime. When it comes out, The Falconeer was exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and pc. In a couple of months, The Falconeer: Warrior Edition will arrive on PS4, PS5 and also Nintendo Switch over with the updates The Sea serpent and Atun’s Recklessness and also The Seeker DLC. Whether it’s your first browse through to the Grand Ursee or you are a return gamer, you will desire to keep your mind on August 5 for this variation.

For the minute, you can pre-buy The Falconeer: Warrior Edition on Nintendo Switch Over or the Wishlist on PS4 and also PS5. Falconeer is now available for computer, Xbox One and Xbox Collection X | S, and also the Warrior edition will certainly be offered on August 5 on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.


Not just The Falconeer: Warrior Edition has been provided with all the content of the game thus far, however it will also consist of a new DLC called The Edge of the World. Xbox and PC gamers will certainly additionally have the ability to download this new expansion as soon as it is released. The Edge of the World will certainly comprehend new additional pursuits, new courses and brand-new places to play as with distinct mounts to every. All this and also the fundamental content of the video game are up to you to find as well as discover in this last edition of the video game.