A few months ago, streamer Thebausffs caused quite a stir, thanks to a version of Sion Lethality in League of Legends. As with Singed, this build notably allowed the streamer to destroy enemy towers, regardless of the presence of opposing champions. Su Sion could well finish games at 3/16 and has been unstoppable for the opposing team. The hit was so strong that Riot Games had to research this specific build to reduce its power. Although this strategy is less strong today, the streamer has found a way to replicate it on another champion: Volibear.

A build as crazy as it is effective
The Trinity Force Mythic item, already pretty good, gets excellent with this build. One of its passive effects is increasing the champion’s base damage to enemy characters or structures by 6% for each auto-attack, up to 30%. Volibear’s ultimate, which disables nearby towers while increasing his HP, allows the champion to destroy a building before dying under enemy hits quickly.

Hullbreaker strengthens this build, providing resistance and allowing the bear to deal 20% more damage to towers if no allied champions are nearby. Nashor’s Tooth is there to give even more attack speed but also bonus magic damage on hit. This damage bonus is also AP-dependent, which explains why Zhonya is picked behind and can lag if the situation calls for it. Thebausffs chose the Boots of Swiftness in the video excerpt, but another choice can be made depending on the opponent’s composition.

As broken as his Zion?
If the actions of the video are impressive, they still have to be nuanced a bit. If we look at the results of the streamer, we realize that he should not dominate, especially with 2/11/1 at the beginning of the video. Only then does your team have 44 kills to the opposing team’s 43, meaning at least one of the other lanes (or the jungle) has managed to overpower their opponent, and then it snowballs during rallies. / skirmishes. It is indeed the Volibear that destroys the towers in a few seconds, but it is possible that he would not have made the game last as long if his team had been less strong.

Additionally, the Nashor buff has also increased his knockback speed. However, the good news is that aside from his score, his farming isn’t great either (250 minions in 30 minutes, which is pretty cool but not excellent). The strategy will probably require a few more tweaks to be perfectly optimized, but it’s a safe bet that it will be discussed again in the coming weeks unless there’s a nerf on one of the critical items.