Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 10th that it has updated ‘Blockbuster: Heroes of Maple’ on its mobile MMORPG ‘Maple Story M’.

First, the story content, Heroes of Maple, which defeated the threat of the powerful corps, Damian, was opened as the second blockbuster content following the Black Heaven. You can enter with a character above level 160, and if you complete the episodes of each ACT, you can get items such as ‘I am now a hero’ medal item and ‘Heroes Cube Chair’.

At the same time, he introduced the new boss, Damian, the sixth corps of the Black Wizard. ‘Damian’ has an attacking system that gives stigma every time, and a character with more than 200 levels that completed ‘Heroes of Maple Act.5’ can be challenged once a week. Collect ‘Stegma Coin’, a complete reward, to buy powerful new equipment ‘‘ Arms/Shoes/Weapon Parts, and ‘East Essence’, etc. You can get it.

Nexon will hold a ‘Burning Event’ that can receive 1+1 levels up for that level by designating a level character between 140 and 198 as a burning character until July 7.

In addition, Burning Designation characters will be given additional daily mission and daily contents compensation experience, and up to 100 burning boosters gauge every day when automatic hunting. Consuming burning booster gauge to activate the burning booster, you can get the effect of increasing experience for a certain time.