Announced a few months ago with a controversial logo, Street Fighter 6 was shown a few days ago in the State of Play with gameplay that drew attention. Capcom wants to revolutionize one of its most mythical sagas, and, of course, Chun Li, Ryu, Ken, and the company’s thugs don’t go unnoticed. And less after the material seen at the Summer Game Fest event.

The return of the King
The event led by Geoff Keighley has given a preview of the new installment of one of the best-known fighting games in the world, with unique gameplay that helps us learn a little more about this crazy idea, which will even have narrators in the style of FIFA.

The combat has allowed us to see Guile, a legendary fighter of the saga, in action, hitting Ryu in an intense skirmish.

As we saw in its presentation video, SF6 will have a kind of prolegomena before the battles, where we can move freely around the city in true Yakuza style. Then the trademark fights will begin, but everything exudes an air of renewal that, on the other hand, was necessary.

If you like the new Street Fighter, you could be happy, because there is still more. Next Tuesday, at the Capcom Showcase event, there will be more news about this new installment, where those responsible will elaborate on all these changes mentioned.

Street Fighter 6 will arrive in 2023, although we do not yet have a specific release date.