Although it seems that the storm has already passed and patch 12.11 seems to have regulated all the madness that was 12.10, Riot wanted to further adjust the strongest champions with a hotfix that will come to this same version to finish balancing the current metagame with changes and tweaks to very strong or weak champions within the metagame. Through the Riot Phroxzon account, the one in charge of announcing the latest League of Legends patches and announcing this little pan of nerfs and buffs to different champions.

Champion Changes in League of Legends Patch 12.11b
Specifically, four champions will receive changes in this hotfix to end the wave of changes in the metagame and get it ready for the big leagues. We are waiting for Riot to announce the respective changes to Bel’Veth. Since seeing the path of her companions during her departure, we will likely see her as the main protagonist of the game’s next patch.