Netflix continues to demonstrate that it is serious in its plans to expand beyond the usual contents on its platform. Video games are one of its main objectives, and during the Geeked Week 2022 hseries announced several more, some focused on its main success series: Lady Gambit and the paper house are some of the most of the most of the most outstanding. Then we leave you the trailers of all.

Queen’s Gambit Chess

Lady Gambit is one of the most popular series that we can find in the platform catalog, and how could it be otherwise, the video game is committed to chess games and include online multiplayer.

Shadow and Bone: Destinies

Shadow and Bone ( Shadow and bone in Spanish) is a fantseriestic series set in a world divided by two by a magical barrier. The game hseries barely shown us an image, so we will have to wait for Netflix to share more details.

The paper house: Money Heist

One of the most successful series of recent years, which will now allow us to become the authentic protagonists thanks to a third-person action experience. fighting, puzzles, exploration and stealth , all under a visual cartoon section.


Lucky Luna

In this cseriese we are not facing a title bseriesed on any of its productions, but on a new intellectual property. It is a Pixel Art platforms, in which we must meseriesure each jump, dodge traps and even fly to the back of a giant insect.

The video games also adapt to the cinema

Netflix is also focused on movies and series on video games , and these days it is sharing a lot Synonym of success, despite urban legends that indicate that the mixture does not usually go well.