FromSoftware has released the latest patch for Elden Ring, which brings a number of much-needed improvements to the game. In the latest Elden Ring patch 1.05, you can now view the various stats about an NPC and adjust your character’s appearance by choosing from different gear sets.

What is Elden Ring Patch 1.05?
Elden Ring Patch 1.05 is now available for download, and it promises to fix a few annoying bugs that have been plaguing the game since its launch.
One of the most glaring issues that have been fixed is the infinite loading screen bug, which would prevent players from progressing any further in the game. Another issue that has been addressed is the game’s framerate, which should be much smoother now.
In addition to those fixes, Elden Ring Patch 1.05 also adds a new questline and some new items to the game. If you’re still playing Elden Ring, then this patch is definitely worth downloading.

The improved store in NG+
A common practice in the “Souls” series and video games in general, the New Game Plus (NG+) system allows you to restart the game after finishing it, keeping certain things from your previous game. Therefore, it is possible to continue Elden Ring and experience a different adventure. Thus, this update refers to Sepulchral Convalariae and their link to the store in NG+.
From now on, Sepulchral Convalariae perks will be moved to NG+ (for most of them). This means you can continue to get his buffs in your next Elden Ring match, so you’d better make sure you donate all he has before you start your second round.

Sound effects to summon
Patch 1.05 brings a feature that will be very useful for players desperately looking for signs to summon other players to help them defeat certain bosses.
Now, when our character passes a player summon signal, a sound effect will play, warning us that we can also call for help. Of course, this effect also works for alerts that ask for PvP, so be careful.

Improved menus for Places of Grace
FromSoftware added this feature to notify players when they have new items to use in place of Grace.
For example, if you collected Golden Seeds or Tears, you will now see a small glowing dot next to those items when you rest in a Grace Spot, so you know you can upgrade this gear or item. All players who can upgrade these items will see a signal when they level up.

Improvements of Patch 1.05
The new Elden Ring Patch 1.05 is now available and it includes a number of improvements and bug fixes.
One of the most important changes in the fix for an issue that could cause the game to crash when loading certain save files. This was a major problem for many players and it’s great to see it finally being addressed.
Another noteworthy change is the addition of support for 21:9 widescreen monitors. This had been a highly requested feature and it’s great to see it finally being added.
There are also a number of other smaller changes and bug fixes included in this patch. For the full list of changes, check out the patch notes on the official Elden Ring website.
If you’re playing Elden Ring, be sure to download this latest patch to enjoy the game at its best.

We are excited to announce that the Elden Ring patch is now available in FromSoftware’s latest game. This update adds a new quest line, area, and boss to the game and numerous other improvements and bug fixes. We highly recommend that all players download and install this update, as it significantly enhances the Elden Ring experience.