Neon White has a talented voice acting, as well as a dynamic and exciting gameplay. With many different voiced characters, you may be interested in who all the actors of the voicing and what characters they play in Neon White.

Neon White-all the characters and their voice acting

Neon White presents various characters, from neons themselves to the warriors of heaven. Here is a list of all the actors of voicing and the characters that they play in Neon White:

* neon white -Steve Blum
* Other roles-(cowboy bibop, Wolverine, X-Men, Star Wars rebels)

neon yellow *-Jan Johns Quarti
* Other roles-(Stephen’s universe, brave warriors, ok! Let’s be heroes, Lakewood Plaza Turbo)
neon red -Alisin Packard
* Other roles-(show Tom and Jerry, Jo-Kai Clock, Oh, these children, the movie Emoji)
neon purple -Courtney Lin
* Other roles-(Planet Power, Fire Emblem Heroes, 400 To Oahu, Triangle Strategy)
neon green *-Ben Leply
* Other roles-(Puyo Puyo Tetris, Shin Megami Tensei V, Lost Ark, Tales of Arise)
T-shirts -Sung won cho
* Other roles-(Kingdom of cookies, Barry, genus: castle, in truth)
Believers -Bruce Barker
* Other roles (Fallout 76, Resident Evil: Village, Injustice 2: Gods Among US, Red Dead Redemption 2)
times *-Zenon Robinson
* Other roles-(My Hero Academy, Baymax!, Young Justice, Pokemon Travel: Series)
Gabby *-Sally saffioti
* Other roles-(Resident Evil 4, Monster High, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Keepers)


What is neon white?

Neon white is a combination speed , fps and also romance . You wake up in heaven like Neon White, a former killer without memories. You are instructed to kill demons invading heaven in order to get a place there in the afterlife. But there is one catch-other neons compete to earn their place in heaven.

The main idea of the game is to kill demons with the help of soul cards. They act as various weapons, and they can be sacrificed to get abilities based on movement. This combination means that you should make quick decisions by passing many Neon White levels.

Who are neons?

In Neon White Neons killers who were pulled out from hell to make a dirty work for heaven-to kill demons. There are various neons, they are all named after flowers. The protagonist, Neon White, cannot recall his past life, but still finds other neon acquaintances. This is neon red, neon yellow, neon purple and neon green.

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