Apex Shadow Pokémon is stronger versions of Shadow Pokémon with unique and very powerful special techniques. Like other shadow poems, APEX Shadow versions should be cleaned to increase their strength after capture. As soon as the APEX Shadow Pokemon are cleaned, they study an even stronger version of their special attack.

APEX Shadow Pokemon are first presented in Pokémon Go in the Johto Tour event as meetings for the execution of the Masterwork Research quest line. The first Pokemons of APEX Shadow in the game are Legendary Pokémon Lugia and Ho-OH. These Pokemon appear with a bright purple aura and red eyes in the form of Apex Shadow.

After capturing the APEX Shadow Pokemon, the players will have the opportunity to clean Pokemon. Cleansing is Stardust and Candy, but makes Pokemon much stronger. Ordinary shadow Pokemon develop a weaker charged attack, but APEX shadow Pokemon get a huge improvement in their charged attack during cleaning.

For example, the APEX Shadow Lugia knows Aeroblast+proprietary attack, but after cleaning it changes to Aeroblast ++. These signatural attacks are significantly intensified when the Pokemon is cleaned, so it is recommended to try to clean them as soon as they are caught. APEX Shadow Lugia and Ho-OH are available only after passing the Johto Tour, which starts on February 26.


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