On June 30, 2022, the long-awaited Nintendo Switch/Steam Hunting Action Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break will be released.

The Monster Hunter Series is attractive to be able to play while saying with friends and lovers, but when you play online, are you connected to voice chat (VC) ?

In the previous work Monhan: World, you can use the voice chat function of PS4, and if it is a Steam version, you can easily use Discord on a PC to make VCs easily.

However, Nintendo Switch does not have a single voice chat function, so a separate PC or smartphone must be prepared. The problem here is the question of ** what to do between the game sound and the VC audio.

There are many ways to do VC, but in this article, we will introduce how to use Splitter and audio cable ** that can be relatively cheap and easy to do.

◆ When voice chat on a PC

When VC on a PC, you can build a VC environment simply by connecting the PC side and the Nintendo Switch with an audio cable and importing the Nintendo Switch audio to the PC side.

The audio cable is connected to the line input terminal on the PC side and the Nintendo Switch side to the headphone microphone terminal.

[Notes] When the sound of Sar comes in, do not connect anything other than Nintendo Switch to the monitor. In a multi-monitor environment, a PC and Nintendo Switch to the monitor may cause white noise.

◆ When voice chat with a smartphone

When VC with a smartphone, use a splitter in addition to the audio cable.

First, connect the splitter to the smartph1. Then, connect the earphone or headset with the audio cable to the splitter, and then connect the audio cable to the nintendo switch headphone microphone terminal.

If you are struggling with the VC environment, before the release of Monhan Rise: Sunbreak, prepare an environment where you and the people around you can easily play.