Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 8th that it has updated the adventurer’s remastering the mobile MMORPG ‘Maple Story M’.

First, 14 kinds of characters, wizards, archers, thieves, and pirate-based adventurers were reorganized. The concept and combat effects of each occupation are improved to enhance the character’s identity and charm by improving the skills and combat effects. In addition, you can enjoy more powerful battles by improving skill performance to meet the recent combat characteristics.

Along with this remastering update, an adventure event will be held. By August 4th, you will be rewarded for certain level adventurers by level 3 ~ 150 adventurers.


In addition, by July 28, it supports 1+2 levels up to adventurers between level 1 and level 140, and provides a 1+1 level-up effect for adventurers between 140 and 200 levels. In addition, if you proceed with ‘training’ for the same number of times every day during the same period, it will provide experience compensation and support the increase in compensation experience and reduction of time requirements according to the training stage.

Meanwhile, in the summer, various events will be held under the theme of ‘Gold Beach Resort’. By July 21, the Daily content mission provided by the Gold Rich Jr. will be paid for event coins and other rewards. Until August 24, hunting a monster in the character experience acquisition section will present an event coin that can be exchanged for various items in the coin shop.