When entering Call of Duty: Warzone, the game sometimes freezes at the checking for updates screen. This prevents users from entering the game and can ruin a fun gaming evening if a solution isn’t found. This issue can occur on PC, PS4, and Xbox consoles. How do you fix this check for updates error?

How to Fix Update Check Error in COD Warzone

How to Fix Update Check Error on PC


First, PC users should check the Activision website to determine if the game’s servers are down. If they are not disabled, open Windows Update and install all updates provided. If there are no updates available in the list, use the Check for Updates feature to make sure. Nvidia users should also check their GeForce Experience app and install all updates.

Next, open the Blizzard Launcher and use the scan and repair feature to verify the game files and replace any missing files. Also, check the Region/Account drop-down menu and make sure the correct region is selected. If this solution doesn’t work, you may have to uninstall the game and reinstall it.

How to Fix PS4 Update Check Error

When PS4 gets stuck on the Checking for Updates screen, users should try Cancel Checking for Updates. To Do you want to repeat? screen, they should select go offline. After that, the console will connect to online services, and then go through the check for updates screen.

If that doesn’t work, try restarting ps4 and also starting Warzone again. You must also sign out of any other PlayStation Network accounts. If this solution doesn’t work, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

How to fix Xbox update check error

Xbox users should try restarting the game first, and then restarting the Xbox console if that doesn’t work. Then sign out of any Xbox accounts that are not currently in use. Then accept the End User License Agreement for all profiles. To access this agreement, go to the update screen, then switch to the offline mode screen and keep switching between these two screens until the End User License Agreement appears.

If that doesn’t work, try cancelling and reinstalling the game update in the update queue. You should also try unplugging your Xbox console, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in. If none of these solutions work, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

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