The ninth generation n of Pokémon is approaching, and although we have launched bright diamond, shining pearl and legends Pokémon Arceus, remain the versions sword and shield those that remain in charge and the center of the center of the Competitive aspect, but what interests us today is the new wave of distributions that is reaching the game.

Distributions related to Pokémon movies

On the occasion of the 25 anniversary of the license , votes had been opened in Japan to select three Pokémon films that would return to cinemas among all those released so far. The votes closed and we already have the results. The three films that have been chosen are:

  • Pokémon heroes: latios and latias
  • Jirachi and the wishes
  • Darkrai’s emergence

This is how the people who go to see them when they are available in theaters can recover a code that Pokémon will give them in their sword and shield versions:

When you go to see the movie Heroes Pokémon: Latios and Latias From August 11 to 18, you can obtain a code that gives you latias
When you go to see the movie Jirachi and the wishes from August 19 to 25, you can obtain a code that Jirachi gives you
*When you go to see the movie
The emergence of Darkrai from August 26 to 31, you can obtain a code that gives you Dialga in the shield and Palkia version in the sword version **


Will the distributions arrive to Europe?

If you are interested in any of the distributions seen above, you should know that ** it is very unlike Have one to have the corresponding Pokémon.

In the event that it is possible to recover them in Europe, you can count on us to inform yourself as soon as possible. Meanwhile, do not forget that the World Cups Pokémon approaches and is a safe bet that a distribution will be made at this time to have a strategic Pokémon.