Qureate has announced that it will change the name of the new work that was just announced the other day, the name of the massage game Massage Freaks character. This seems to have been incandescent in various discussions that are currently occurring mainly on SNS.

This work is a work on the theme of Rhythm Game x Bishoujo x Massage. Massage a beautiful girl according to the rhythm and loosen the stiffness of characters with various problems. It seems that you can enjoy not only massage but also dating events outside the store. See the original article for detailed games.

The company has released sex appeal works such as Waste and Duel Princess, but as for this work, the thighs are exposed and the thigh massage, massage progresses as the massage progresses, finally the character is naked. There are many sexual expressions that you are good at, such as the existence of mode.

However, only this time, the expression itself seems to have developed into a discussion. The issues of the discussion are as follows if they are roughly divided.

  • There is a contact expression for women containing sexual nuances in massage

  • There is a sexual expression that is stepped in from the past work (excluding the description of only the PC version)

  • Use images containing strong sexual elements in the release for press

  • The name of the character (which could be subject to sexual contact) was based on the name of the members of the real idol group

It is thought that the measures mentioned at the beginning were to respond to this last part. So what about the actual content?

This work is not a so-called R18 expression, or rather not through rating, but is a title that is regularly judged as D (for 17 years old or older) by CERO rating. It should be noted that the sale has no problems in the current mechanism.

However, some platforms have a different regulation on the rating institution’s screening, and there may be differences in expression (Cat Vol.1 by comparison of Lover Kiss specifications and IGN JAPAN magazine. Verification is easy to understand).

So, what kind of stance is the Nintendo Switch, where Massage Freaks is released?

In the question and answer of a general meeting of shareholders held in June 2019, Mr. Shuntaro Furukawa, President of Nintendo, said, If you arbitrarily select software and unrecognizable software, you will be diversity of game software. It will inhibit fairness, he said, at least at this point, the title received by the specified third-party organization is independently regulated.

As a result, there are many titles that contain sexual expressions from mild to radical in Nintendo Switch (there are also titles that are the theme of massage to women, such as Shinobirifure, have also existed since the beginning of hardware. ) However, in the current CERO rating, expressions such as genitals and local (including pubic hair) and expressions such as hugs related to sexual activity or sexual activity are prohibited, so it cannot be described. (See ethical regulations PDF), Sales as Z category that cannot be purchased under the age of 18 is not possible. **

In the past, there is a title in the past that has stopped selling several times in the past, which is likely to be due to a slight exposure of female characters bust tops in the past. (Super Real Mahjong PV WAIFU Ankabad (article by Automaton), etc.)

Conversely, Massage Freaks is Expressions of hugs and caresses related to sexual activity or sexual activity, and the exposure of the character is limited as soon as it exceeds the screenshot released at the same time as the announcement. There is .

Looking at the entire Nintendo Switch, from around October 2020, it will be released on IARC general-purpose rating (past articles are detailed), which can be judged for free without CERO rating only for download-only software, and the console. In the market, the title that can be distributed is relatively wide (now PlayStation is now compatible with IARC ratings).

Similarly, overseas, some works with nude expressions and strong sexual content, such as Witcher 3, are recognized as adult games (ESRB). This also affects the depiction of the Nintendo Switch distribution title, and there are several titles that women’s nude drawn in illustrations, including the above-mentioned WAIFU Ankabad, can be seen without restrictions. You need to be careful that double norms have occurred.

The rating of home game consoles in Japan has developed about 16 years ago to answer the social demands of consideration for the impact on the youth of diversified video games. Today, however, the game title is even more diversified, and it is commonplace that games and extreme titles for adults and extreme titles are released on the console.

In addition, at that time, many Western games were not the mainstream in Japan, and the titles for adults made with different standards have been released in Japan as usual. They sometimes have special regulations only in the Japanese region of expression, and frequently discuss among gamers.

Regardless of whether it coexists with the existing rating framework, the title for adults is released as an adult title correctly so that both the people who dislike them, those who want to enjoy the most intended expressions, are convinced. It may be a time when the mechanism is desired.

Qureate wants to send opinions on the game directly to the company.