Last week the launch date of Bayonetta 3 . However, this was not the only surprise that Platinumgames and Nintendo offered us. Together with the revelation of a collection edition, which will arrive at the My Nintendo store and selected premises in the world, it was also revealed that the original _bayonetta of 2009 will have a physical relaunch in Switch. However, you will have to be fast to have your cartridge, since we will see limited copies.

During the announcement of the week, it was confirmed that bayonetta will have a physical relaunch for Nintendo Switch, which will be limited, so once the copies that were sent to manufacture are over, that will be all . This is a situation similar to what we saw with super Mario 3D-ALAL STARS, only in this case we are not limited by a specific date, but by a certain amount, of which the exact number is unknown.

Regarding where and how you can get this copy, the My Nintendo store, as well as several specific stores worldwide, will have copies of bayonetta_ at a suggested price of $ 29.99 dollars, and the game will be available on September 20. For all interested parties, Amazon Japan already has the presale of this game ready and, yes, the game does arrive in Mexico.

However, this does not mean that playing bayonetta today is impossible. In addition to this physical edition, the Platinumgames title can be found in Nintendo Switch through a package offered by bayonetta 2 and a download code of the original game . As if that were not enough, bayonetta & vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle is a package for PS4, Xbox One and PC that gives us the opportunity to enjoy this classic, as well as vanquish.

Remember, bayonetta_ will have a physical relaunch in Nintendo Switch on September 20 . In related issues, this is the launch date of bayonetta 3. Similarly, this new installment will have a mode of censorship.

Editor’s note:

Considering that bayonetta 2 and 3 have physical copies, it was only a matter of time for the same to happen with the original delivery. However, it is sad that once the copies that are manufacturing are over, you can only get the cartridge through resellers.