We are in the middle of the summer, and as is the case year after year thanks to global warming, the temperature increases. Although we can refresh ourselves in different ways, our consoles do not have the same options, and sometimes the internal fan is not enough. In this way, Valve has shared a statement where he warns about what will happen to Elsteam Deck in these cases.

Through its social networks, Valve shared a message where he points out that Steam Deck can work quite well up to 100 degrees, but once the 105 mark passed, the laptop will go out alone . This was what was said about it:

Steam Deck works better at ambient temperatures between 0 degrees and 35 degrees. Above there, Steam Deck may begin to reduce its performance as a protection measure.

To be more concrete, the Steam Deck processor works correctly at temperatures up to 100 degrees. Overcome this threshold, accelerates and automatically turns off at 105 degrees to avoid fatal damage.


Valve is not the only company that has shared similar messages. Recall that Nintendo has also made a series of communiqués to warn the community about the risks that the switch runs with these high temperatures. It will be better to pay attention to these recommendations if you do not want your consoles to be damaged. In related issues, these are Nintendo’s recommendations to take care of your heat switch.

Editor’s note:

Heat is a real problem. Do not forget that there are cases where to hold the switch with these high temperatures results in uncomfortable game sessions, since you feel you burn your hands.

Vía: Valve