To create items in Marauuders, you must visit the Creat menu item, while in the center of the main menu. In the Creation menu, you can create several types of objects from medical products , weapons and armor . You can also make new ships as well as various turrets to equip them. But in order to create an item, you must unlock its recipe, complying with the level of level and having additional money in hand. Along with some quantity money and level requirement you also need a little skill glasses for free to unlock new craft recipes.

The number of skills you need varies from five to 12 points of skills . As soon as you have enough money, skills and you will reach the necessary level, you can unlock the recipe by clicking unlock, as shown below. After the recipe is unlocked, you can create an item using various materials that you can find during the robbery of various locations of the raid. However, some recipes will require the players to fulfill the contract from the main contract list before they can create it . You can determine which recipes require the implementation of the main contract by checking the presence of unlocking the contract instead of the usual *Blocking button .

where to find craft materials in Marauuders

If you want to find craft materials in Marauuders, you must rob raid locations , Ships-interceptors and merchant ships . All three types of locations offer enough resources inside containers, but with a slight risk. In most road locations, you will have to worry about the enemies of AI and other players wandering around the halls. Shipwriters and trading ships, as a rule, have more armed and security guards called guards and random players located in a camp in rescue capsules.

Despite this, you can find many materials such as scrap metal , cable and metal sheets robbing boxes and containers. We recommend that you make notes where you can find certain resources, and check the requirements for resources for any subject you want to create. You can view the requirements for resources by moving to the recipe in the Creation section and viewing the list of resources, as shown below.

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