On August 4, BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE released a romantic simulation game on the theme of DEAD BY Daylight Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim (Hooked on You). The compatible platform is PC (Steam). The price is 980 yen, and the game is compatible with Japanese.

Hooked on you is a love simulation game. This is the first spin-off work of DEAD BY Daylight. One day, when the player wakes up, there is a dazzling midsummer sunshine. I can’t remember why I’m here or who I am. Apparently, my memory has fallen completely. Looking around with such anxiety, there was a murderer or a beautiful woman who enjoyed the beach volleyball.


They seem to be staying on the island in search of romance, with a dazzling smile from the image of Dead by Daylight, which cuts life. Players will deepen fellowship with four murderers on the island as those who have lost their memories. In a conversation with the murderer, the story changes according to the options. Whether you nurture passionate love or a platonic friendship depends on the player’s choice. However, if you choose a wrong option, the dream world may be a hell picture in an instant.

This work has a unique murderer. First of all, a trapper that shows off the strong upper arms and pectoralis major. He is the face of Dead by Daylight. Next is a huntless featuring a superhuman biceps. The maternal appearance of a gentle smile from the back of the bunny mask is impressive. And Race with an unnuy atmosphere. Beautiful limbs extended from button shirts and trunks swimwear are beautiful. Finally, a spirit that looks good on Gothic Loli’s clothes. She spills her innocent smile, and her delusion expands as if she was such a woman before her father was killed.

Hooked on you was created in a collaboration between Canada-based BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE and Studio PSYOP in the United States. Speaking of PSYOP, we have developed I Love You, Colonel Sanders! I’m worried about what kind of story will be developed only for companies that have a reputation for producing unique adventure games.

This work is an important work, said Mathieu Cote, the director of Behaviour Interactive. In the process of grabbing the murderers’ hearts, the players will glimpse the true appearance or personality of them. This work seems to tell you the charm of the new murderers that were not told in the original.

Hooked on you is on sale for 980 yen for PC (Steam). If you are tired of the blood ritual, why not play with the murderer next to the ritual of love?