Dead By Daylight will continue to evolve with the launch of Resident Evil’s next collaboration: Project W. The next update is quickly approaching and is ready to be implemented with a new wave of content, including two new survivors. Ada Wong, the enigmatic spy of the underworld, is one of the next survivors in Chapter 25 of Dead By Daylight. That said, we have it covered with a detailed breakdow

Ada Wong Survivor Perks & Skills at Dead By Daylight Project W

Image source: Interactive behavior

Each Survivor of Dead By Daylight is pre-chipated with certain powers, and Ada Wong will not be an exception. The unique advantages of her highlight her adaptability to face impossible situations and will make you feel a highly trained double agent.

Although Ada Wong’s advantages have not yet been officially announced, we already have an advance of her skills before her launch, thanks to a remarkable data mining by DAd by Daylight. The survivor has the following advantages:

  • Reagent Healing: obtains a wave of healing when her allies are injured.

Low profile *: Don’t trace when you get to the final survivor.
Wire trap *: This allows Killer to spy.

Dead in the daylight Ada Wong Bio

In addition to that, the filter also managed to extract data from the description of Ada Wong’s game.

All about Ada Wong was an enigma. Her story. Her nationality: her loyalty, her reasons, even her real name was a mystery. Was she a corporate spy that worked against the Umbrella corporation? Was she loyal to Albert Wesker? Or was she a double agent? And why did she go after the parasite of the pests? Clearly, she was a trained murderer. An expert in arms with advanced training in martial arts. While investigating the enlightened, she was captured and almost dead in a ritual sacrifice. But in the end, she escaped and was never seen again. That was also an enigma. Ada Wong is a mysterious secret agent whose espionage ability makes her a dangerous enemy.

Albert Wesker, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers: Biography, Benefits and Power Wesker.

The name of Albert Wesker in the game is The Mastermind.

The advantages of survivors are not yet finished, therefore, I cannot share them. 4

-Dbdleaks (@leaksdbd) July 30, 2022

As always, it is worth noting that the previous information is based solely on the leaks and must be taken with tweezers. We will update this section once Behavior Interaction sets the official notes of the Dead By Daylight Project W.

There you have it. That is all you need to know about ** Dead by Daylight Ada Wong. By Daylight (DBD), All Hooked On You: Dead by Daylight Dating Sim Characters, and more.

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