Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) will hold the 17th anniversary event ‘Happy Birthday Party’ in the online action game ‘Dungeon & Fighter’.


When you access the game until September 7, the 17th anniversary birthday gift ‘Thing’s 17th Birthday Gift’ is a ‘unchanging clone rare avatar full set box’, The optional box, ‘Avatar integers (50)’ and ‘Premium Platinum Emblem Selection Box (account attribution) will be paid. ‘Avatar Integer’ is used to purchase the newly updated ‘Avatar’ and can acquire one part per five pieces.

Whenever we achieve 17 simple missions for the 17th anniversary, we ‘105 level myth selection box’, ‘Level 105 Fixed Option Epic Armor/Accessories/Special Equipment Selection Box’, ‘Growth Support Comprehensive Box’ Provide the back.

Until August 24, ‘Challenge! Advanced Dungeon Conquest! ‘To support advanced dungeons and equipment option level growth. During this period, you will receive a ‘Advanced Dungeon Ticket Box (3)’ every day, and in this box, you can choose to select and receive ‘Tickets for the Dead Dead (Normal, Expert)’ and ‘Meister’s Laboratory (Normal) Ticket’ have.

If you challenge the advanced dungeon clear mission using the ticket acquired in the box, ‘one-time equipment option level growth rights (10)’ Laboratory equipment selection box (1) can be obtained. As a daytime, you can get up to 10 pieces of energy equipment selection box when clearing one advanced dungeon. In addition, some characters such as Launcher (Female), Spitfire (Female), and Mistress will be renewed to some characters.

Meanwhile, ‘Dunpa’ held a 17th anniversary live broadcast starring Neople Yoon Myung-jin on the 3rd. In the broadcast, director Yoon presented the 17th anniversary thanksgiving, and invited Nexon Park Jung-moo, head of the FIFA Online 4 project, and the director of ‘Maple Story’ development.