Despite being a great success, Elden Ring is far from being a perfect game. On the one hand, there are numerous bugs and glitches of which many players have abused to a greater or lesser extent, either to finish the game in minutes, or to try to ban other players. And on the other, enough weapons and powers are unbalanced in one way or another.

In the 1.06 update, it is the most effective defensive ability and, therefore, the most popular that is under the developer’s ax: the passage of the hound, which effortlessly dodges most of the attacks of enemies and bosses. Another quite op weapon has also been made, such as blood rivers **. We will break down everything thanks to the official notes of the patch.

Here is a summary of the most notable changes, with some explanations. You can find all the details on the official page.


  • Good news for all fans of the multiplayer mode in all its forms is the addition of an option to send your invocation brand to almost all records of invocation of the game, so you will no longer be limited to a single area, or to a single boss. However, there are some exceptions, such as the Mohgwyn Palace.
  • The same goes for PVP, now it is possible to invade players in remote areas. It is no longer necessary to try to invade from an area where players of your level should be.
  • Varré’s mission has changed, which requires invading 3 players, it is no longer exclusive to the multiplayer mode. Instead, you will be asked to kill a new NPC.

Improved colossal weapons

The excessive speed of the final bosses (and other players) makes colossal weapons considered lower options, or at least much more difficult to play in Elden Ring. In fact, they are very slow, so they expose the player to blows impossible to dodge during his animations. This is for colossal swords, curved colossal swords, large axes and large hammers.

  • The delay was reduced before being able to roll after an attack (jump attacks and attacks with mounted or dual weapons are not included).
  • Increased movement speed of heavy and loaded attacks (except horse).

Site step

What is the point of shooting when the passage of the hound allows you to walk around the boss at full speed while elusive? This practice will end now.

  • The distance traveled and the invincibility period of war ash Swimming of the hound has been reduced. In addition, its performance is reduced if used several times in a row.
  • The distance traveled increases with the load of light equipment.


To compensate, the less popular alternative, the fast step has been improved. The delay between several fast-step uses has been reduced, which facilitates its use to surround an objective enemy. However, its performance is reduced if used in loop. The distance traveled also increases with a light load.

Nerfeo de Ríos de Blood

This katana that unleashes devastating blood waved, which induce bleeding as a bonus, is the weapon chosen by many players, both in PVE and PVP. It is a pity that the Nerf arrives so late:

  • The damage and accumulation of bleeding was reduced by using the skill of blood rivers, hitting the blood effect. When touching with the blade, the effect is only reduced slightly.

The stars of Ruin Sorcery objectives has also been reduced, since it was also a problem in PVP.

Many errors have also been solved, for example, it should no longer be possible to reach the sacred snowfields when falling into the right place from the cliff. Alternatively, using FIA’s robe should no longer cause many problems with attack animations and the detection of enemies.

If you do not like these changes, since you confused these skills and this weapon to progress, here is an additional advice. You can prevent it from completing your campaign by deactivating automatic updates. It will simply deprive you of the possibility of playing online.