Always something new-that’s what WhatsApp user wants to bind on. A larger update is still coming in August. But there is an adjustment beforehand.

Dortmund-a life without WhatsApp? It would be possible, after all, there are now enough alternatives to the popular Meta trade fair service. This will also know the Facebook group that tries to tie users with new updates. There should still be new functions in August.

WhatsApp brings out a new update in August-a function is still open

Actually, the messenger now has many functions that users have missed in the past. It was only this year that the function was introduced to react with emojis to WhatsApp messages. This brings the advantage that group chats in particular remain so tidy and are not flooded by emojis.

In addition, the new function of being able to process messages is still in the starting blocks. Insiders have already been able to spot the first indications and it is only a matter of time before WhatsApp rolls out the corresponding update. But that’s not all: Another larger update is still coming in August.

WhatsApp brings out three essential innovations with a new update

And that is mainly about security and privacy. The new functions are said to have wanted users for a long time according to T-online. Three innovations in the META app are crucial:

before the planned update publishes WhatsApp a decisive relief

However, it should not remain with these new functions that serve primarily for privacy. WhatsApp announces that messages that may contain an embarrassing typing error can now be deleted within a longer period of time.

Where Messenger-users have only had an hour and eight minutes to delete a message from the chat, WhatsApp is now giving a time climb. In the future, users will have two days to delete a message.


But be careful: the message does not disappear without a trace. Furthermore, the hint can be seen that a message has been deleted. Once the time has expired, the message can only be deleted from your own field of vision. The chat partner continues to see them.

In addition, a new function called registration confirmation is to be rolled out, reports CHIP. This is intended to receive users in-app message if someone else tries to log into the account. So it is another security function. It is not known when this function is introduced.

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